Do You Feel Like Your Prayers Are Not Answered?

There are some moments in your life when you feel that your prayers are left unanswered by God. 

And when those moments come, you cannot help but ask yourself these questions:

  • Is there a wrong or right way to pray?
  • How do I know God hears my prayers?
  • Why is God silent at times?
  • Does God still perform miracles? And if he does, HOW DO I PRAY FOR MIRACLES?

Here is a list of 10 things that could be inhibiting you from receiving answers to your prayers.

Can you identify with any of them?

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I would ask questions and encourage others to share their stories. This would protect me from revealing my own. But this mindset changed with an unexpected incident.

Louie’s Story – An Unexpected Incident

I thank you, God, that I am perfected forever because of what Christ has done for me. It is not of my works, but by Your grace.

Perfected Forever – A Prayer Of Thanksgiving

Do you wonder whether you should get a dog? You weigh the pros and cons and think about all the work and try to make an educated decision.

Should You Get A Dog? Things To Think About

There is a major difference between head knowledge and heart knowledge. Do you know what it is? Do you think it matters?

Head Knowledge Vs. Heart Knowledge – See Real Change Happen

I believe that we will meet people in eternity who we have helped in some way but never realized the impact our kindness had on them. Pay it forward!

Pay It Forward – Return The Kindness

You may call this post a rant and I suppose in some ways it is – these are things I do not understand. Perhaps you can help me out and shed light to these?

12 Things I Do Not Understand (Can You Help Me?)

Inspirational Podcast Episodes

Fatima has embraced self-discovery and acceptance by challenging insecurity, anxiety, and depression from childhood trauma, heartbreak, and physical abuse.

Embracing Self Discovery And Accepting Challenges

Life Rarely Turns Out Exactly as You Pictured it. God always has a plan. But He leaves it up to you whether you follow His plan or not.

God Always Has A Plan

When your dream is strong enough, you push through the pressure. Never give up and keep going no matter how much pressure there is!

Push Through The Pressure – Never Give Up

How is choosing hope amidst challenges possible? Here is a true story of Vickie Rubin who faced numerous challenges yet always chose hope no matter what.

Choosing Hope Amidst Challenges

Do you wish to reinvent yourself and rise from the challenges? Here is Jennifer’s inspiring true story on how she reinvented herself and survived from obstacles.

Reinvent Yourself – Rise From Challenges

After Michelle’s diagnosis in 2020, she learned how to surrender her circumstance. She shares the steps she took to overcome anxiety and live life fully.

How To Overcome Anxiety And Live Life Fully

Is There A Secret On The Effective Way To PRAY FOR MIRACLES?

What does it mean to pray the answer and not the problem

As a prayer coach, my passion is to teach you how to pray for MIRACLES!

Learn the difference between passive praying and powerful praying - and start to pray for miracles today!


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Discover how to pray for miracles - change the way you view obstacles in life and be empowered to overcome challenges.

end of your story


Carol shares numerous stories from all aspects of trauma; everyone can relate on some level.

This is not a positive thinking program but one that teaches the listener to use tools that change their focus. Learn how to see yourself as who you were meant to be and not allow your circumstances to control you.

step out of comfort zone


Find the encouragement you need to realize your dreams.

Stepping out of your comfort zone can be as threatening as death. Fear can hold you back from doing what you want to do or realizing your dreams. Whether it is in business or relationships, taking that first step is the most important one.



Gain a new understanding of forgiveness and move forward in your life.

One of the forgiveness issues is believing you have to forget what was done to you. Forgiving is not necessarily forgetting. Remembering what happened and using it as a stepping stone to improvement is freedom.


What My Students Say About The Prayer Course

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Grateful For Your Teaching!
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For the first time in my life as a Christian of many decades, I understand how prayer works and how to get answers. Thank you so much Carol for your teaching. This course on prayer has changed my life for the better!

- Patricia, Entrepreneur

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Stronger Prayer Life
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Carol's teaching on prayer is essential. It built my faith in our God Who loves to show Himself strong on behalf of His people. There are many deep, rich truths about prayer in this course that need to be learned, understood, and APPLIED.

- Mike, Dad & IT Specialist

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My Life Has CHANGED.
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I have been a Christian all my life and each week Carol teaches something new, fresh, and challenging. Not only has my prayer life changed but my ENTIRE life has changed.

- Marcy, mom & wife

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Inspired Each Day
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Thank you for your wonderful testimony Preacher Carol. You are truly walking by faith. All glory to God!

- Jean, entrepreneur

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Life-Changing Prayer Course
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This course transforms the way we make our requests before God and how we express our needs. Instead of praying the problem, pray the promise” ... This is a life-changing course!

- Stacey & Derek

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Choose To Be A Victor, Not A Victim

Loss of a child, gang-raped and left for dead, husband falsely imprisoned, uterine cancer...

Husband's car accident leaving him with permanent brain damage...The estrangement of our son...

These were stepping stones – not setbacks
because I chose to be a victor and not a victim.

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carol graham prayer coach

Carol Graham

international author, prayer coach, speaker

I am a charismatic motivational speaker whose stories bring hope. I inspire transformation and healing by using my own compelling life stories to engage and connect on a deep emotional level. Through laughter and tears, audiences learn how to move forward without denying the past.   

I am passionate about humor -- and will always find a way to bring humor into a situation and help lighten the burdens of those who are hurting.

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