Be Anxious For Nothing

be anxious for nithing

What makes you nervous, concerned, apprehensive, or worried? A diagnosis regarding your health, the loss of your job, marriage difficulty, family challenges, or anything else that unnerves you. 

How do you control your thoughts to keep focused on the positive rather than the opposite?

Be anxious for nothing, but in everything by prayer and supplication, with thanksgiving, let your requests be made known to God;  and the peace of God, which surpasses all understanding, will guard your hearts and minds through Christ Jesus” Philippians 4:6-7.

How is that possible? How can anyone pray the prayer of thanksgiving when their life is falling apart?

Anxious For Nothing

thank god for the anointing

We tend to overthink the simplicity of God’s Word. In truth, it is basic and uncomplicated. We can ‘take’ God at His Word. We can believe it in our hearts and praise God that He will fulfill His promises. 

There is no qualification in that scripture. It says to be anxious for nothing. Nothing

And then it provides the answer, the formula. By prayer, with thanksgiving, make your requests known

How do we make our requests known with thanksgiving? This is praying the answer. Every answer to every petition we have is already provided for in the Word of God. When we find the scriptures that give us the answer we need, we thank God for His provision.  

Everything we need, He has already provided for – healing, the salvation of our families, financial needs, freedom from anxiety, etc.

Praying The Answer

prayer course

Learning how to pray the answer, instead of the problem is learning how to apply the Word of God in every situation, no matter how big or how small. 

I learned this truth when I was seven years old and had a massive tumor growing on my neck. My dad was a minister and he believed God for my healing. He recalled when I was nine months old, I died and was gone for twenty minutes. But the prayer of faith rose me up. And I am here today. My father understood how to pray the answer. Before I went into the operating room, he told me I was going to be okay.

How do you know, daddy?” 

He tried to explain to me that God was going to perform a miracle even though I was going into the operating room. He knew there was a reason this had to happen. I went into surgery, and a few minutes later the doctor came out and told my dad, “You are not going to believe this!”

Dad listened as the doctor said “We had her prepped for surgery and we were about to make the incision. But right in our hands, that large tumor disappeared. We never had the opportunity to make the incision."

My dad smiled because he knew there was going to be a miracle and that the doctors had to see that miracle. So, he was not anxious about the tumor. He was not anxious about the surgery. He knew God had a plan. 

If we dare to believe and trust His Word, and His plan, we will see miracles happen. God responds to our faith and His Word

Witness Miracles

first weapon of mass destruction

Throughout my life, I have witnessed miracles. My course on prayer shares some of these remarkable stories. Several of these accounts are of God raising someone from their deathbed who was moments from eternity. This prayer course will teach you how to pray the prayer of faith and believe in God for the miracle you need in your life.

When we know how to apply God’s Word to any unnerving situation in our lives, we can live a life that is not anxious or stressful. God has given us His Handbook and instructions on how to use it. In His Word, He specifies how to pray the answer each time we find ourselves in a potentially anxious situation

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