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Here are inspirational stories of faith, hope, and determination - from everyday miracles, to inspiring stories that reorient your day, these stories are meant to bring positivity to you. Click on the image to start reading these posts!

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voice of accusation

What’s Your Response To The Voice Of Accusation?

How often have you been a victim of the voice of accusation? Here is how to respond whenever you hear that voice.

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louie's story

Louie’s Story (and How Battered Hope Got Started)

Writing Louie’s story changed my life, and set me on the path to a new career as an author, YouTuber, and radio talk show host. Here’s how it started.

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reign in your authority

Reign In Your Authority

If you study the scriptures, you quickly realize that the authority Jesus promised is for every believer. The secret is to reign in your authority that is given as a gift from God.

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take time to listen

Take Time To Listen

Take time to listen and hear God’s words of grace spoken to your heart. They will speak louder than any other words you may hear.

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healing and christ's death

Healing And Christ’s Death

“Why am I not healed?” This is a question I have heard numerous times. Read this post to learn the link between healing and Christ’s death.

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i believe

I Believe Therefore I Speak

I believe therefore I speak. If God is in control why are there so many sicknesses, accidents, and disasters in the world? Read this post.

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