louie's story

Louie’s Story – An Unexpected Incident

I would ask questions and encourage others to share their stories. This would protect me from revealing my own. But this mindset changed with an unexpected incident.

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perfected forever

Perfected Forever – A Prayer Of Thanksgiving

I thank you, God, that I am perfected forever because of what Christ has done for me. It is not of my works, but by Your grace.

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should you get a dog

Should You Get A Dog? Things To Think About

Do you wonder whether you should get a dog? You weigh the pros and cons and think about all the work and try to make an educated decision.

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head knowledge

Head Knowledge Vs. Heart Knowledge – See Real Change Happen

There is a major difference between head knowledge and heart knowledge. Do you know what it is? Do you think it matters?

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pay it forward

Pay It Forward – Return The Kindness

I believe that we will meet people in eternity who we have helped in some way but never realized the impact our kindness had on them. Pay it forward!

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things i do not understand

12 Things I Do Not Understand (Can You Help Me?)

You may call this post a rant and I suppose in some ways it is – these are things I do not understand. Perhaps you can help me out and shed light to these?

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