How God Speaks To Us

communication with god
How do you respond when someone tells you that God spoke to them?

Does it bother you and make you wonder if it was God’s voice they heard? Do you desire to have God speak to you as well? Or do you feel that God does not talk to people in modern times? 

These questions are answered in the Bible.

When my children were young, my husband traveled to many countries. This was before we had cellphones or the internet to communicate. One of those times, he was in China and was planning to return in ten days. 

He didn’t.

Two weeks went by.

Then three.

Fear tried to seize me. One of my dearest Christian friends encouraged me to stop praying because the Lord told her my husband was dead. She believed he had been in an accident, and I would never hear from him again.  

Communication With God

communication with god

Immediately, in my spirit, I knew it was a lie. I had trusted this woman – she was a prayer warrior. But I knew God did not tell her that

All prophesies, dreams, messages, and visions MUST filter through the Word of God and be confirmed. Well-meaning Christians often want to warn you that if you don’t shape up, something bad is going to happen – that God will judge you for your sins.

Nothing could be further from the truth. Reject those thoughts and turn your eyes on Jesus and His Word – the Word cannot lie.

I had been praying for my husband for three weeks and knew in my heart that God was protecting him – even though circumstances seemed grim.

I told her I would not receive that ‘word’ and she got angry – in fact, it ended our relationship. 

God’s Word will always supersede any other word. His Word brings healing and restoration – we can bank on it. We can choose to believe or reject it. We must tune into what God is saying in our hearts, confirmed in His Word, and it is our defense against the lies of the enemy.

God Speaks To Us

god speaks to us

I continued to thank God for His protection over my husband. I contacted the airlines, but they could not give me any information. I contacted the police – they contacted Interpol – nothing. It was like he disappeared. There was no trace of him.

In our humanness it is often difficult to wait. I cried in the shower so my children would not see my tears. 

One day my young son asked me, “Mommy – God knows everything, right?

Yes, honey, He does.”

Then he knows where daddy is, so you do not need to be sad.”

Those simple words from a child were not only a comfort to me but confirmed in my heart that God was in control, and He would answer my prayer.

Three more weeks passed.

Then the phone call came. “Hi honey, I am at the airport. Would you be able to pick me up?

I fell into a chair as relief filled me and we rushed to the airport for a grand reunion.

The Truth From God's Word

truth from god's word

Clayton had contracted a deadly virus in a remote area of a Chinese village. A villager found him after he collapsed in the street, and he took him to his hut. There he treated him with herbs from his garden until his high fever broke and he was well enough to travel. This stranger nursed Clayton all those weeks.

God responded to my faith and His Word – not the fear that surrounded me.

God is on your side. “If God is for us, who can be against us? He Who did not spare His own Son, but delivered Him up for us all, how shall He not with Him also freely give us all things” Romans 8:31-32. 

That truth from God’s Word is what sustained me during those stressful weeks. I chose to believe what His Word promised me, not what someone spoke to me which I knew was not from God

In Matthew 8, the man with leprosy had enough faith to come out of his hiding place and head straight to Jesus to seek healing. This man had heard Jesus’ teaching and chose to believe what he heard – not what his body was telling him. 

I believe that if Jesus had been speaking a message of condemnation that man would never have ventured out to find Jesus. Instead, he probably would have walked away discouraged believing he was not good enough to receive healing.

Words Of Grace

words of grace

Jesus spoke words of grace by sharing how much God wanted to be his loving Father who provides all his needs. Through this message, faith arose in this man’s heart, and he had the confidence to approach Jesus for his miracle. 

So faith comes from hearing and hearing from the Word of God” Romans 10:17.

The words that you are hearing need to be checked against what the Word of God is telling you. You will not hear words of judgment or condemnation under the New Covenant. God’s words will not put you into bondage but show you how to be free of guilt and live an abundant life. 

If the message you are listening to is one of guilt telling you that the reason you have not received your healing is your fault – RUN. That is not the message that Jesus preached. That is not the message that God wants you to hear. That message does NOT build faith. 

Faith Comes By Hearing


Faith comes by hearing and so does fear.  Which message are you going to listen to? If you hear that God is angry at you because of sin so He allows sickness, calamities, or poverty to reign in your life – RUN.

How can you possibly understand God’s love and provision if all you hear is condemnation and that you will be duly judged? These messages are a perversion and are based on lies. “Your Father is compassionate and merciful, slow to anger and filled with unfailing love” Psalm 103:8.

God unleashed His anger against sin when He sent His Son to die on the cross and take our sin and unrighteousness upon Himself. 

In the New Covenant, Jesus was a friend of sinners and healed them, fed them, and restored them. He set the captives free from their bondage. 

Meditate on the person of Jesus when you read the Word. Jesus is the Word made flesh and when you read it, meditate on His finished work, His forgiveness, and His grace. 

Find the scriptures that apply to your needs and meditate on them. Pray them back to the Father as a prayer of thanksgiving.

God Speaks To You. Listen

god speaks

The Lord is our Shepherd – we do not need to be in ‘want’ Psalm 23:1. A shepherd provides for his sheep, feeds them, and protects them. You shall not lack anything – including direction, wisdom, and provision. He is with you in every challenge you face.

As you meditate on God’s Word, faith is imparted to your heart and He will make your way prosperous with good success. (Joshua 1:8)

This is not a prosperity message. It is a message throughout the Word of God that encourages us to trust God, to believe that His promises are true, and to not lose heart even if we do not immediately see the fulfillment of those promises.

Do not concentrate on what you hope to gain but, rather, meditate on WHO God is, what He has done for you, and what He has promised you, and begin a life of thanksgiving and praise to the one true God. 

Let us exalt the name of Jesus and His goodness, His unmerited favor, and His perfect and complete work that was accomplished on the cross. He took your pain, your suffering, your guilt, your shame, and your sins upon Himself

The more you realize what God has sacrificed for you, the more you will believe that His Word and His promises are yours.

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