How To Move Past Your Failure

move past your failure

Dr. Tara Hines-McCoy is a compelling communicator and educator who uses her gifts, her experiences, and her faith to inspire women to take action and awaken their careers. Dr. Tara has been a rising thought leader in corporate America for over 15 years specializing in Human Resources.

She has worked for Fortune 500 and multinational companies with multi-state and regional leadership roles. Her professional approach equips leaders with the tools needed to improve business performance and increase employee engagement. 

Her vibrant personality aids in her ability to connect with people on all levels by encouraging them to move past their failures, define their character, and turn uncertainty into passion.

How To Move Past Your Failure

afraid of failure

As a former Global HR Professional, Dr. Tara founded DRTARASPEAKS: Up or OUT program to help women awaken their careers. Too often women overstay their welcome in organizations because they are waiting for someone to make the decision for them to leave and move forward.

Scripting With Scriptures

This handwriting workbook is unique to all other writing guides out there. It uses the dash system to teach your child exactly how to form each letter correctly, both lowercase and uppercase letters. While writing, your child will also enjoy the excitement of learning easy-to-remember Bible verses. This component sets Scripting with Scripture apart and makes it easy for beginner learners to write their letters while learning scripture.

Racism In Corporate America

Grab your copy of the book rated #1 Amazon New Release, SHUT’EM DOWN: Black Women, Racism and Corporate America. This anthology is composed of the stories of 20 black women who have been impacted by racism in the workplace.

It offers a peek under the tent of the signs of racism, how to initiate the conversation of racism on the job, but also how black women have chosen to move forward despite it. Dr. Tara’s chapter,  Black Roadblocks, details how black women insert themselves as roadblocks versus an on-ramp to reach back and mentor black women coming behind them

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