My Cancer Diagnosis was the Best Thing that Ever Happened To Me

my cancer diagnosis

When the doctor said "You have two choices, hysterectomy or death,"  it made me angry.  I was only in my twenties and wanted children.  I certainly could not have them if I had the surgery or was DEAD!  Something inside of me rose up and I replied, "Doctor,  I will not accept that cancer diagnosis.  I...WILL....WALK...IN...HERE...PREGNANT....ONE....DAY."  

The doctor rose up from his chair and pointed his finger in my face, "Then, lady, GO HOME. SUFFER.  AND DIE!"

Motivated like never before, within three weeks my life took an abrupt turn and I discovered answers to healthy living. Fourteen years later I walked into his office.....pregnant.  As a certified health coach and symptomologist, I have spent the last four decades guiding people to optimum health -- including helping hundreds of women get pregnant when there was no hope.

Breezing Through Menopause

breezing through menopause

Have you ever thought about what it would feel like to wake up feeling great every day?  To feel rested?  To feel healthy?  To feel energized?

What would you give to feel that way every single day?  Maybe you already do and if you do, you are one in a million.  Many people wake up tired, achy or just a bit 'off.'  They shuffle to the kitchen for their first cup to get them through the morning.

What would it be like to have an energy level greater than people half your age?  And that energy being true energy -- not from a cup of coffee or energy booster of some type.

Would you like to enjoy your senior years without the need of medication?

Or not get a cold or the flu?  Or to go through menopause without uncomfortable symptoms?

Sound too good to be true?  Your best defense is your own immune system. 

Not Losing Hope Despite My Cancer Diagnosis 

not losing hope despite cancer diagnosis

I CHOSE LIFE -- AND FOUND MY OWN CURE when the doctor told me I had two years to live

Are you aware that the choice to be healthy or to live in optimum health is yours and yours alone? This could easily be one of the most important series of posts you may read in your life.  It can change your life -- just as it changed my life when I was told I would die from ovarian cancer over 40 years ago.  

Just as exciting as learning there are ways to improve and prolong your life is learning how to feel better and look younger.

Complete your health assessment form today – you are under no obligation – and it could change your life.

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