How To Overcome Severe Tragedies In Life

overcome severe tragedies

Do you Know How to Cope with Severe Tragedy or Disappointment and Win?

Jim Barnard has dealt with disappointment and distress many times which led to significant depression. His wife, Alisha, had two near-death experiences and was not able to carry a pregnancy to term - adding to Jim's severe anxiety.

But this is only the beginning of the story of how Jim and Alisha turned the impossible into the possible.

When Jim Barnard and Alisha planned their future together as husband and wife, they had no inkling that three months later Alisha would be fighting for her life.

Their story will touch you but it will also change you as Jim shows us how to deal with any type of suffering you may encounter. Three months into their marriage, Alisha was not able to keep any food down and was diagnosed with a rare chronic illness - Ehlers-Danlos Syndrome. She suffered greatly in a downward trajectory. 

Jim has great insight into coping with tragedy as Alisha went through countless surgeries, tests, treatments, and therapies which failed to solve the rapid downfall she continues to experience.

Overcome Tragedy and Win!

overcome obstacles

Through Tiller Coaching, Jim helps those who are suffering the reality of the expectation gap where disappointment, dissatisfaction, and distress can cause real damage.

Many of us can relate to various types of suffering. You do not want to miss Jim's interview on how to cope and ultimately triumph:

The Suffering Guy

The Suffering Guy establishes an understanding of how suffering changes the world. We are all suffering guys and gals to varying degrees and at different times. Whom we suffer with can make all the difference in the world.

Told from Jim's point of view, this book details the real struggle to find hope amid suffering. Several near-death experiences, financial ruin, and more took a severe toll on this husband as he fought to stay strong for his physically failing wife. 

While having a deep faith in Jesus and His redemptive grace, Jim and Alisha battled the challenges to hold each other’s arms up to gain victory in the Lord. A life in ministry was a significant part of that victory, as God has given them a voice in many peoples' lives and expectation gaps.

Katherine & Jay Wolf

Authors, "Suffer Strong & Hope Heals"

“Our brains need stories of how others have flourished within their constraints so we might know our own hard stories can be ones of flourishing too. Jim poignantly offers himself and the valuable lessons he's learned to us as a reminder that often life's most difficult struggles can also be our most powerful assignments.”

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