This is the seventh year for Never Ever Give Up Hope - bringing you extraordinary stories of ordinary people 

who overcame insurmountable odds.

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Never Ever Give Up Hope 

How To Start Living Every Single Day

Priorities change when time becomes precious. Problems look different when you have no energy left to give them. You can start living every single day!

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caring for a loved one

Caring For A Loved One

Lynn Abate-Johnson understands the responsibilities that come with caring for a loved one. However, she discovered how to blossom through caregiving rather than let it drown her.

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How To Stop Thinking Less Of Yourself

Learn how to stop thinking less of yourself! Here are excellent tips on how you can stop thinking less of yourself and be more confident of who you are.

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healing through service

Sgt. Q: Healing Through Service

Sgt. Q is an award-winning author of Healing Through Service originally aimed at struggling veterans, which also offers help for anyone in crisis and may be your ticket to a more fulfilled life.

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grace of love

The Grace Of Love – Healing From Trauma

Dr. Lin’s powerful and heartwarming book, The Grace of Love, is an eternal love story, and an intimate and revealing look at the depth of love expressed in two souls uniting.

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stories of survival

True Stories Of Survival Against All Odds

Marlena’s mission is to share true stories of survival against all odds to inspire us to become the most authentic versions of ourselves. Listen to her story here.

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