This is the seventh year for Never Ever Give Up Hope - bringing you extraordinary stories of ordinary people 

who overcame insurmountable odds.

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Never Ever Give Up Hope 

focus on the now

Focus On The Now Instead Of The Future

Maurice shares seven EMBRACE strategies to give you a balance of HOPE and to focus on the now instead of the future.

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respond to a crisis

How To Respond In A Crisis

Listen to this amazing story of one family facing the most daunting of circumstances and respond to a crisis.

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How To Deal With Working Mom Burnout

How To Deal With Working Mom Burnout Have you – or someone you know – had ‘working mother’ burnout? Dr. Susan Landers is a neonatologist who worked full-time in the NICU for over 30 years and raised three children. She achieved many academic and professional accomplishments, and she encountered challenges along the way, both in her career Read More

true love

The Truth About True Love

When your life is thrown a curve ball and you lose your husband at 47 years old — what then? This is a wonderful story of true love

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spine surgery

The Dark Side Of Spine Surgery (Uncovering The Truth!)

Dr. Aslie eveals eye-opening new research into the surprisingly common practice of using pedicle screws in spine surgery and uncovers the truth about it.

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self worth

How To Realize Your Self Worth

Cheri shares some exciting ways to help you realize your self-worth, thrive in your community, and enhance the world around you.

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