Meet Carol

Prayer Coach & Expert In Surviving Against All Odds

Never Ever Give Up Hope, rise above circumstances, refuse to be a victim. Your journey made you the best version of yourself.

Use any setback as a stepping stone to improvement.

I am a wife, mom of two, extremely proud grandma of 11, and have rescued many four-legged fur babies.  I am passionate about love, family, and my faith in God. I could never have made it through many years of trauma without His strength.

I released my memoir, Battered Hope, after spending 10 therapeutic years writing my story, as it was difficult to bring up the buried past.

In addition to my faith in God, the one thing that has given me strength through all these traumas is a sense of humor -- I firmly believe that laughter can get you through almost anything.

Carol's teaching on prayer is essential. It built my faith in our God Who loves to show Himself strong on behalf of His people. There are many deep, rich truths about prayer in this course that need to be learned, understood, and APPLIED.  These are examples of the effectual, fervent type of prayers that avail much and we need to be praying like this today! It will challenge you and cause you to rethink what prayer really is. The material is presented in such a powerful way, with a testimony of God's mighty intervention in each segment of the course."

                                 -- Darlene Streicker 


Pray The Answer, Not The Problem

Does God really care about your prayer requests? Millions ask that question.
Each of these real-life stories highlights miracles as a result of a specific way to pray.

pray the answer

Your prayer life will be transformed as you discover:
- How to know God’s will in your life
- The prayers that unlock heaven
- How to use BNW - weapons of mass destruction against the enemy

Choose To Be A Victor, Not A Victim

Loss of a child, gang-raped and left for dead, husband falsely imprisoned, uterine cancer...
Husband's car accident leaving him with permanent brain damage...The estrangement of our son...

These were stepping stones – not setbacks
because I chose to be a victor and not a victim.

Watch Battered Hope book trailer below: 

Meet Carol Graham

Carol Graham is an expert in surviving against all odds.  She is a master charismatic storyteller whose message is passionate and uplifting. Carol shows how humor, faith, and a positive realistic attitude is the key to self-improvement, personal health, and learning resiliency.

Her passion is sharing hope from the position of someone who has walked in the shoes of those who have experienced trauma in their lives. She shares her story of triumph over multiple and unrelenting challenges but refused to see herself as a victim. Carol's Christian roots established a foundation of faith she learned to draw upon throughout her entire life and gave her the strength to never give up.

She teaches transformation and healing by using her own compelling life experiences to engage and connect with her audience on a deep emotional level. Through laughter and tears, prayer coach, Carol Graham, shows how anyone can move forward without denying the past.

Awards include:

- Woman of Impact Award and Author of the Year  Focus on Women

- One Woman – Fearless award for facing her fears and contributing to making the world a better place for women to thrive.

Carol is an award-winning author of Battered Hope, keynote speaker, certified health coach, columnist, jewelry store owner & artisan and dog rescuer of over 30 dogs.  Her talk show, Never Ever Give Up Hope, is heard by more than 181,000 people in over 120 countries.

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Animated, high spirited and engaging—that's Carol's style which leaves your audiences with new motivation to soar above any trauma.

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