Power In The Prayer Of Agreement

prayer of agreement

“Mom, there has been a terrible accident. Please pray. Nikki might not make it.”

My son Jason’s voice was high-pitched and awakened me out of deep sleep early that morning. 

The night before I hosted a bridal shower for Sara, my daughter-in-law to be. Nikki was her sister.

“What? Oh, no! What happened?”

“The medivac flew her to the nearest trauma center and Sara and I are headed there now.”

Even though it would take several hours for me to get to the hospital, I knew I had to leave. Now.

“Jason, I will get there as soon as possible.”

“Please don’t come, Mom.”

As long as I had known Sara, she vocalized she wanted nothing to do with God. Although this grieved my heart, Jason’s life was in God’s hands and a meddling mom would not change his mind. 

Never Doubt The Power Of The Prayer Of Agreement

the prayer of agreement

So, I embraced Sara in every way I could. Her mother had abandoned her when she was twelve and Sara had never been shown love as a teenager. I often took her shopping and poured kindness into her life. In recent years Sara and her mom had built a new relationship but she had missed so much as a teenager.

Before Sara and Jason were married, I asked her if it would be okay for me to give her a bridal shower. Her response was “Okay with me? Are you kidding? I didn’t think I would have a shower. Can I help you plan it?”

The shower was a big hit and a new bond was formed between Sara and me. But we never talked about God. The timing wasn’t right.

I understood why Jason asked me not to come to the hospital. “Mom, you know Sara’s family is anti-God and they wouldn’t want you in there praying.”

Although I did not fully understand why God wanted me at that hospital, I did believe that He was about to perform a miracle.

“Don’t worry, Jason. I’m not going to cause a scene or do anything to embarrass you.”

I arrived at the hospital around noon and located Sara’s mom, Vickie, in the ICU waiting room. Her glare made me shiver. I felt like an intruder and needed to be exceptionally careful about how I approached her.

“Vickie, I am so sorry. You must be worried. Can you share what happened?”

“Nikki’s car spun out of control on a curve late last night. She was thrown from the car and landed upside down in the ditch. She had been knocked unconscious and no one noticed the car until five o’clock this morning.”

“What are the doctors saying? Is she going to be okay?”

Her voice cracked. “No, there is little hope. I’m waiting for the next update but it doesn’t look good.” 

Understanding The Prayer Of Agreement

understanding the power of agreement

I suppressed my desire to grab her and hold her close, everything in me wanted to shout my excitement at the impending miracle I knew would happen. But I kept my distance and remained calm. Vickie needed her privacy. 

Earlier when I left our house, Clayton and I agreed in prayer that God would restore Nikki. Clayton said he would intercede until he felt a breakthrough. 

“I need to go to the restroom,” Vickie announced, possibly as a means of escape. I took the opportunity to call Clayton.

“It is much worse than we thought, Clayton.”

Clayton spoke firmly. “About a half-hour ago God spoke clearly to my heart that Nikki will be fully restored. So, let that be confirmation to you.” 

“I agree and felt that as I drove down here.”

I glanced down the hallway, my stomach tightened as a loud guttural groan echoed throughout. A doctor held Vickie to keep her from collapsing.

I wanted to run to her but stood still. I yearned to shout that God was in control and He was about to perform a miracle. I kept silent.

When the doctor left, I slowly approached Vickie and hugged her. Her body stiffened. Then I asked her what the doctor said.

“She’s gone, Carol. Nikki’s spine was broken in several places. There was severe brain trauma and even if she survived the physical injuries she would be in a coma for the rest of her life. Nothing can change that – there is no hope. None.”

I yearned to shout that God was in control and He was about to perform a miracle.

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The Prayer Of Agreement In Action


“Vickie, I died when I was a baby and my dad’s prayer brought me back to life. I believe in miracles and know several people who were never supposed to live and they are alive today.”

“God loves you and your daughters. He longs for a relationship with you and to show you how much He loves and cares about you. He wants Nikki to be completely healed and if you allow me to, I would like to pray with you.”

Tears streamed down her cheeks as she slightly nodded in agreement. “But it won’t do any good. The doctor is removing her life support. He asked that I sign the papers at 2:30 this afternoon.”

“Thank you, heavenly Father,” I began as I took her hands in mine, “that you love each of us so much. Thank you for creating Nikki. Because you created her, I know you can fix her. Thank you for allowing me to be here today to show Vickie how much you love her. Thank you for the miracle we are about to witness.”

I felt her hands relax. She smiled slightly at me as I said goodbye.

“Please have Jason call me later. Rest assured you are going to get a good report.”

I left.

I quivered.

A terrible voice was screaming at me. “The whole family is going to laugh at you when she dies. You should have stayed home.”

I rebuked the thought but it was nagging and desperately trying to create doubt.

Praying The Prayer Of Agreement

praying and miracles

On the long drive home, I wept as I thanked God for his mercy. I thanked Him I could be part of this phenomenon only He could perform.

As I approached the ferry my phone rang. I glanced at the time. It was 2:30.

“MOM!” Jason was shouting.

“You’re not going to believe this. Fifteen minutes ago, Nikki opened her eyes, sat straight up in bed, and asked for coffee and chocolate. The nurse almost fainted because she was in the room preparing to pull the plug.”

I laughed out loud with a joy that burst within me. “Thank God.”

“Nikki told the nurse she wanted to get out of bed but was reminded she couldn’t walk. Can you believe it, Mom?”

“Did Nikki remember the accident?”

“No, and she couldn’t believe she almost died.”

During the next few weeks, Nikki required some physical therapy but she was able to attend Jason’s wedding and walked down the aisle as Maid of Honor.

When I prayed with Vickie it was a simple prayer she needed to hear. But the prayer that brought this victory was the prayer of agreement Clayton and I shared before I left my house.

Matthew 18:19 says “Again, I say to you that if two of you shall agree on earth concerning anything that they ask, it will be done for them by My Father in heaven.”

There was no doubt that God’s will was for Nikki to survive and be a testimony of God’s power and grace. 

Matthew 18:19 says “Again, I say to you that if two of you shall agree on earth concerning anything that they ask, it will be done for them by My Father in heaven.”

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The Power Of Prayer

When I prayed with Vickie at the hospital, I already knew God would restore Nikki. Doubt fled. Rejoicing before the manifestation was effortless.

When we realize God already has done something about a situation and has given us the promise we need, it is easy to exercise our faith. When two of us agree together it is that much more powerful.

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  • Hi Carol
    I have a question.
    Do we have to agreement with another believer ?
    Or God still perform agreement with non believers?
    (I’m christian )
    Thank you for your answers.

  • Wonderful story. I do believe in the power of prayer. It makes sense that it would be stronger with more than one person believing. While it is not a life or death situation, I’d appreciate a prayer that my wedding ring turns up. Noticed it was gone on Monday :(.

    • That can certainly feel like life and death and I have had it happen to me – twice. I wrote those stories on my website as well. Let’s pray together that it will turn up –

  • Beautiful, beautiful story! I believe with all my heart and soul in the power of prayer. Heavenly Father knows what we want and need, but He needs us to say it. Be specific. He’s only waiting for that.

  • Carol, I believe in the power of prayer and have my own stories. Thanks for this beautiful example of the power of praying in agreement.

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