How to Stop Thinking Less of Yourself

stop thinking less of yourself

Have you ever been at such a low point in your life that you begged your partner to leave you? Have you felt helpless with the ongoing struggle of trying to lose weight? And what about anxiety and depression that becomes overwhelming?

Coach Jon shares his incredible story of how he won the battle and lost 100 pounds. He is now a weight loss coach and emotional eating expert, a nanotechnology researcher,  a Navy Marine engineer, and a globetrotting nomad. 

How You Can Stop Thinking Less Of Yourself

choices we make

Coach Jon has found his calling -- and it is to help you lose weight for good and leave the bogus diets in the rearview mirror. 

With Freedom Nutrition Coaching he marries the science of metabolism with the psychology of behavior change and the compassion of human connection to create life-changing transformations for each of us.

Coach Jon struggled with PTSD, trauma, obesity, and mental health issues spending years on diets, methods, coaching, etc. that were entirely ineffective as a long-term strategy for creating health.

In his interview, Coach Jon shares his incredible story of how you can win the battle using the concept of 'brain-driven' transformation as it connects to health, wellness, and weight loss.

Think Of Yourself Less

Coach Jon's flagship program, Lifestyle-180, is a lifestyle transformation program that helps people to reverse engineer their healthy lifestyle, working with their brains instead of trying to fight against them.

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