Take Radical Responsibility For Your Life

radical responsibility

Marsha Vanwynsberghe has experienced many moments of feeling hopeless including almost losing her children. She experienced financial, business, and serious health challenges while battling feelings of frustration, overwhelming fatigue, and isolation. Can you relate?

Marsha is the six-time bestselling author of "When She Stopped Asking Why." Marsha is a storytelling NLP trainer, speaker, publisher, author, and podcaster. 

She fought the system to save her kids and her family from the downward spiral of substance abuse and shares her lessons as a parent who dealt with teen substance abuse that tore her family unit apart. Her mission is to help women and men to speak, share, and publish their stories. 

Through her tools, OUTSPOKEN NLP certification, programs, coaching, and podcast, Marsha teaches the power of Radical Responsibility and Owning Your Choices in your life. She empowers people to heal and own their stories, be conscious leaders, and build platform businesses that create massive impact.

Marsha is currently offering a coaching certification to support people in learning how to use their voice and move from silenced to outspoken. Work with her by clicking here 

When She Stopped Asking Why

Marsha Vanwynsberghe’s story is of a mother who fought the system to try to save her kids and her family from the downward spiral of substance abuse. She relentlessly searched for answers, solutions, and support. 

In her search, she found thousands of other parents who were also dealing with substance abuse issues with their teens. Parents who were hiding from the world, living with shame, guilt, and embarrassment for choices that were not theirs to own.

Marsha decided to speak up, share what she learned, and create a light of hope for other parents. 

This book is for every parent who is searching to:

• Be present for your kids and not lose yourself in the process

• Parent with love and let go of the expectation of perfection

• Learn the power of personal and energetic boundaries

• Surrender what you can’t control and own what you can 

• Let go of the judgment of self and others 

• Stop letting fear drive the wheel

• Find the gifts in adversity

• Build your confidence, clarity, and courage

• Recreate the relationships in your life with yourself, your partner, and your children 

Take Radical Responsibility

abundant life

Marsha Vanwynsberghe is a life adversity coach, author, and speaker. She coaches and mentors people to make physical changes in their bodies and emotional transformations in their lives.

Take radical responsibility for your story 

so you can build a business with a massive impact.

We all have a story. Sometimes the stories that we don’t like to talk about...the stories that we hide from others - actually shape who we are.

The more we hide them, the more we let shame take the wheel. But truth be told, our stories have made us who we are today.

The more we stand in the power of our stories, the more we can make an impact. You see, the gifts we have are wrapped up in the lessons we learned in our stories!

So, let’s dive into your stories and look for the lessons that make you an expert in your story.

It's by sharing your lessons with others that you get to help them create change in their lives...so they, too, can create businesses with massive impact.

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