The Doctor's Diagnosis Terrified me:

Go Home Suffer and Die

doctor's diagnosis

The diagnosis lingered over me along with the doctor's crude words blaring in my ear when I refused treatment: "Lady, go home suffer and die!"

Three weeks after my doctor’s visit, a neighbor called. She knew I had been very ill and wondered if I would be interested in attending a food supplement demonstration in her home. It did not interest me in the least, but, as a good neighbor, I agreed to attend. 

The first part of this story and the doctor's diagnosis is found here.

That evening became the turning point. It changed the way I thought about food and convinced me I needed to supplement my diet to improve my health. It was the answer I had been searching for. God had orchestrated this event.  

I had always assumed we received any nutrition we needed from our food. At the meeting, I learned how our food is processed and how our soil is depleted of nutrients. I began taking courses on nutrition and learned the importance of destroying the toxins in my home, especially from household cleaners. 

Although that meeting changed my lifestyle I wondered if it would be enough to destroy cancer? 

Defying My Doctor's Diagnosis...

defying my doctor's diagnosis

My health started to improve dramatically. My energy level was rising. My skin cleared and my attitude grew cheerful. Prior to the cancer diagnosis, it was confirmed that I had rheumatoid arthritis throughout my body. A few months after I changed my diet, the arthritic pain and inflammation decreased. I had better mobility. It was an outward sign of how my body was changing on the inside.

Taking various pain medications for years, I developed ulcers. But now I could eat anything I desired without a painful reaction. Something major was happening. I was no longer suffering from medication side effects including dizziness, depression, and headaches. 

I understood nutrition would fight the monster in my body, but I needed a miracle to get pregnant. Not just a miracle in my own body but my husband’s as well. I knew only God could create life.  

My husband walked with me through each step. Our faith replaced all traces of hopelessness. That was how our story began. We refused to stop believing and we supported each other. The path was long and the learning-rich.  

Keeping The Faith Despite Challenges

keeping the faith

On the days I leaned toward questioning if we would ever be parents, my life partner would not accept any negative talk. He quoted the scripture God had given me and believed with me for our mutual healing. The diagnosis of his sterility did not affect him. He stood strong in the face of what would seem a hopeless situation. 

Fourteen years of perseverance dragged on, but I knew that one day there would be ‘a fulfillment of that which was promised her by the Lord.’ Just as God had promised, I realized that new changes in my body were undeniable. I waited two months before seeing my current physician.  

“Carol, you are going to have a baby.” My doctor glowed as she told me. 

Tears were instant as I jumped up to give my doctor a hug. I had waited for many more than fourteen years to hear those words. My husband was in the waiting room, but I didn’t have to utter one word when I approached him. We hugged. We cried. 

“You realize you need to see the specialist who told you it would never happen,” Clayton stated cautiously. 

“Realize? I can’t wait. He needs to hear about this miracle. I promised him I would return to his office pregnant.”  

A Wonderful Surprise!

keeping the faith

I nervously dialed the specialist’s office. The receptionist questioned me so I had to think quickly.  

“It’s been years since you have seen this doctor. Why are you making an appointment now?” 

“I believe I need to schedule a complete physical. The doctor told me to see him if my condition changed.” I was stretching the truth a bit. 

A week later I waited in that doctor’s office for the blood and urine test results. 

“I’ll be back in a moment,” she said. 

The nurse had no idea about the impact her words had on me. I had waited over a decade; I could wait a few more minutes.  

Those few minutes felt like time stood still. I watched the clock. Each minute seemed like an eternity. My muscles tightened and my stomach churned. I could barely contain the anticipation. After 27 endless minutes, the door opened. 

Instead of the nurse, the doctor walked in, his face cold as his words stumbled out. He did not make eye contact. 

“Carol, I am sorry to inform you but you are very pregnant.”  

“Yes doctor,” my words came out quickly, “I am fully aware that you are sorry to inform me.” 

Deep inside I had hoped he would be happy for me as I wanted to share my miracle with him. But I assume he remembered the words he shouted over a decade ago which obviously made this encounter uncomfortable for him. 

Faith Overruled My Doctor's Diagnosis

fatih overrruled my doctor's diagnosis

There was nothing more to say. I smiled as I prepared to leave his office but his question startled me. “Who’s the father?” 

I wanted to slap him but kept my composure. 

Of course he could ask that question. My husband who was diagnosed as sterile fathered our child. I chose not to answer. The negativity in the room did not allow me to share my belief in miracles. I walked out, my head held high, thanking God for answered prayer.  

For this doctor and for most, miracles, healing and restoration are common impossibilities. This mindset becomes the barrier to believing prayer is effective.  

In this series of posts I will show you how to remove those barriers. You will learn the vital difference between praying and believing.  And you will read some incredible true stories.

You might have experienced discouragement when your prayers aren’t answered. Like many, you wonder if prayer even works. 

For that reason, it is important to know that there are keys to receiving answers when we pray. We will go through the steps together and learn those prayer secrets.

Stay TUNED 🙂

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