From humorous anecdotes to inspiring stories, these posts are intended to inspire you to look at the lighter side of life.

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Should You Get A Dog? Things To Think About

Do you wonder whether you should get a dog? You weigh the pros and cons and think about all the work and try to make an educated decision.

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Should You Get A Dog? Things To Think About

You may call this post a rant and I suppose in some ways it is – these are things I do not understand. Perhaps you can help me out and shed light to these?

12 Things I Do Not Understand (Can You Help Me?)

Had an angel placed him in my path, knowing how this precious life would bring me joy during my grief? A wonderful surprise and a life saved!

A Life Saved – A Wonderful Surprise!

Memory loss in the parking lot is a real issue. Why can’t I remember where I parked my car? I have no trouble getting to my intended destination, but I almost always have trouble finding my way back.

Memory Loss In The Parking Lot

I am not a sheep midwife. I am neither a shepherd nor a goat herder. This is a light and true story that is sure to make you smile today!

I Am Not A Sheep Midwife

Charlie had a rough life and endured a lot of pain, especially when she needed emergency surgery. Here’s Charlie’s battle to survive.

Charlie’s Battle To Survive

I was born to be a mom – and I love it. Some people are born salesmen, others rockstars. But I was born to be a mom and I enjoy every minute of it.

I Was Born To Be A Mom – And I LOVE It
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