How To Pray For Miracles When God Doesn't Seem To Answer Your Prayer

does god answer your prayer
Do you know how to pray for miracles?  Maybe you shook your fist at God, or perhaps tears wet your pillow night after night. 

But still, no answers to your prayers.  

Many engage in this exhausting effort, wondering if God will ever answer, whether He's listening or even cares.

Is there a secret on the effective way to pray? No secret, but rather, a sure path to present petitions, to declare what is true and proclaim God's Word that already states the outcome.

I will present my real-life stories to illustrate the powerful way in which God showcases His miracles. You'll learn the difference between passive praying and powerful praying.

You will learn HOW to pray and the KEYS to getting answers. No formulas. 

Praying For Miracles

praying for miracles

I was a Christian my whole life; a minister's kid. You would think I would know how to pray. But, like many others, I depended on my Dad's prayers to get me through tough situations. Then, my dad died, and I was kicked out of the 'nest.'

Many of us like to read prayers from books or delve into articles or books written on prayer. There are hundreds. Sometimes, the 'deeper' the book is, the more we believe it will be the answer we are looking for - but God's Word is easy to understand and uncomplicated. 

In each week's post, I share a miracle story of how we can realize the blessings and the miracles that are promised in the Bible. We can stop wondering, struggling, and hoping. 

Pray For Miracles - And See Them Happen!

see miracles happen

I was in my twenties when the cancer specialist told me I would die without a complete hysterectomy - I'm still here and never had the surgery. This story and many other miracle stories to follow......

Prepare to get excited when you learn how to rejuvenate your prayer life and see miracles happen in your life.

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