How To Overcome Anxiety And Live Life Fully

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In 2020 Michelle Lazurek was diagnosed with generalized anxiety disorder. This came as the culmination of panic attacks that affected every aspect of her life. 

Michelle is a multi-genre award-winning author, literary agent, speaker, and certified writing coach. She is a nine-time award-winning author including a two-time Children's Book of the Year and Article of the Year award winner.

She regularly contributes to and and is a movie reviewer for Movieguide Magazine and a literary agent for Wordwise Media Services.

After Michelle's diagnosis in 2020, she learned how to relinquish control and surrender her circumstances, no matter how difficult they were.

Many of you will relate with Michelle as she shares the steps she took to overcome anxiety and live life fully. 

Watch God Do The Impossible

We may sing the hymn I Surrender All in church on Sunday, but do we want to surrender all, or are there areas of our lives we are hesitant to release to God?

Do you want to experience full surrender as God intended, but are not sure how to start?

Through real stories and based on Exodus 14:13-14, I Surrender All will show you how to lay down every area of your life you hold most dear, to watch God do the impossible.

i surrender all

This book is designed to help you:

  • Identify areas of struggle in surrendering to God

  • Utilize practical tips and strategies to incorporate surrender into your everyday life

  • Learn how to trust God in every area of your life

  • Practically live out the truths you discover in Scripture

In I Surrender All, Michelle’s years of experience as a pastor’s wife, along with her passion to help others in their spiritual journey come together in a unique reading experience.

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