Overcome Obstacles Life Throws At You

overcome obstacles

Joan Benson adopted two infants and two twelve-year-olds to complete what she hoped would be a loving permanent family. 

The older two boys had many complex emotional problems which made Joan and her husband feel it was above 'their pay grade.' 

Joan is a wife, mother, grandmother, and author/speaker. For 30 years, Joan has written educational articles that have been published in multiple magazines. Her debut historical fiction novel, His Gift, was published in 2020. 

Joan's life was shattered when she was in her forties and her childhood sweetheart, best friend, and only lover left the marriage for a woman 14 years younger. This devastated their Christian community beyond her own personal loss and sense of rejection.

This is only the beginning of her story!

During her jaw-dropping, amazing interview, Joan shares her story and how you can overcome obstacles life throws at you - even at the most grievous times in your life. 

Overcoming Obstacles

Brace yourself for a thrilling race through the twists and turns of a young woman determined to see her dream come true.

His Gift is a historical fiction novel set on the cusp of the stock market crash of 1929. The talented main character, Molly, has big dreams for a career in music after high school. Her challenge is to find peace and purpose when her world shifts in unimaginable ways. 

his gift

His Gift has a classic theme for all who have lived life and experienced an unfulfilled dream. In times of great loss, there can be a consequent crisis of faith. Though this message is delivered through a girl's musical aspirations, the conflict is universal to anyone who has ever dared to dream. Molly discovers hope and peace in a life yielded to the Giver of all gifts.

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overcome obstacles

joan benson

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