Remember The Duck? Story Of God's Grace

story of god's grace

Remember the duck? You might be asking, “What in the world does that mean?” There is a story that illustrates God’s grace in a refreshing, easy-to-understand way that is sure to make you smile. It is a terrific illustration that you will not soon forget.

As you read this story, realize deeply the message of 1 Corinthians 13 as the love chapter. In that chapter, God describes His love towards us – not as a commandment of how we should love Him. We will never fully comprehend that divine Love this side of heaven.

Story Of God's Grace And Love

story of gods grace and love

No matter what mess we might be in as a result of our own decisions, God says our destiny does not end with our failure but begins with God’s mercy.  

God is not ‘out to get you.’ He wants you to clench that truth and not let go. His grace IS sufficient. We can’t do any more than what He has already done for us. We are only worthy of His love and grace because of what His Son did for us. 

God’s grace dismisses the firing squad.  

God’s grace disarms the executioner.  

God’s grace dismantles the gallows.

The only way we will rise above the accusing voice of the enemy is to embrace the message of God’s grace.

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The devil knows he cannot steal our salvation so his main purpose is to make us miserable and steal our joy. Satan loves to remind you that even if you are forgiven, judgment awaits when you die. It is a lie from the pit and he is the father of lies

But when you grasp the UNCONDITIONAL love of God and understand that….you will not be in fear of judgment day.

Remember The Duck?

remember the duck

Johnny and his sister Susie were visiting their grandma’s farm for the summer. Every day Johnny practiced using his slingshot trying to improve his skill because he could hardly hit the side of the barn, let alone a moving target. 

One day he took his slingshot and decided to practice on a moving object. He was confident he would not strike anything but his curiosity drove him to try to hit Grandma’s favorite duck. 

He aimed. He fired. He knocked out the duck. Sorrowfully, he did not only hit the duck, he killed him.

He was devastated. There was no way he could tell his grandma. He decided his only option was to bury the duck and hope that she did not notice it missing. 

He was crying as he dug the hole and gently placed the duck in the grave. He covered it carefully praying no one would notice.


As he walked back to the house, he saw his sister watching him from an upstairs window. He panicked but prayed his sister would not say anything.

Shortly before dinner that evening his sister whispered into his ear, “Remember the duck?” He didn’t fully understand what she meant but was soon to find out. 

Every night after dinner, it was Susie’s job to do the dishes for grandma. But Susie had a plan for this night.

Grandma, I always do the dishes for you but Johnny has been begging me if he could do them from now on. Would that be okay?”

Of course, dear.” So, Johnny did the dishes. Then every night after dinner, Susie would whisper into her brother’s ear, “Remember the duck?” 

He did the dishes every night for a week. Johnny lived in a state of constant guilt and his sister was happy to keep him there. She was enjoying her freedom and watching her brother suffer. 

On the eighth night, Johnny’s guilt overcame him and he decided to confess. He told his grandma how sorry he was and that he didn’t mean to do any harm. Grandma’s response shocked him and freed him.

Johnny, I saw what happened in the yard last week. I was wondering how long you were going to allow Susie to keep you as her slave.” 


Forgive Yourself

forgive yourself

Johnny’s grandma forgave him the moment he killed her duck. She knew it was not intentional and forgave him instantly.

But Susie wanted to instill guilt upon her brother to see what she could get out of the situation. 

Jesus Christ paid the price for all our sins, our guilt, and our shame so we are not slaves to sin or guilt. When the enemy reminds us of that sin, remind him of his future!

Have you ever found yourself in that position? You fully comprehend that your sins are forgiven and Jesus paid the price for them, but Satan continues to whisper in your ear, “Remember the duck?

Remember that abortion?”

“Remember that divorce?”

“Remember that lie?”

“Remember that sin you committed when you knew better?”

you are forgiven

As long as the devil can keep you in a state of guilt for something you have done, you are in his arena of condemnation. But when, just as Jesus did when confronted by the enemy, you speak the Word directly to that thought - you dissolve his threat. 

There is, therefore, no condemnation to them who are in Christ Jesus” Romans 8:1.


Our destiny does not end with our failure but begins with God’s mercy and His grace.

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