How To Overcome Financial Despair

financial despair

Todd Christianson is an author, podcaster, speaker, Accredited Financial Counselor®, certified HUD housing counselor, and education manager at Money Fit by DRS.

Todd has facilitated thousands of personal finance workshops and one-on-one counseling sessions since 2004, helping consumers of all backgrounds and income levels regain control of their finances, get out of debt, rebuild their credit, and create a brighter financial future.

He published Everyday Money for Everyday People in 2014 and 50+ on FIRE in 2021.

Todd maxed out his first credit card in less than 36 hours and was in credit card debt for nearly a decade before making changes. Now he is an award-winning author and creator of personal finance resources. 

How To Deal With Financial Despair

Todd Christenson understands despair including financial despair and the difficulty of raising his two-year-old son after his wife lost the battle with cancer. His story will touch you, encourage you, and motivate you.

Listen to Todd's interview and get the necessary tips to help you become DEBT FREE:

Fighting Financial Despair

Since 1996, the 501 (C)3 nonprofit Money Fit by DRS (Debt Reduction Services, Inc.) has helped hundreds of thousands of consumers across the US who are frustrated with consumer debts, struggling with late payments and fees, overwhelmed by high-interest rates on their cards, or wanting to build or rebuild their credit ratings.

 Our major programs include a debt management plan, housing counseling, and community education courses.

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