God Always Has A Plan

god has a plan

Lori Vober suffered a massive intracerebral hemorrhagic stroke at age 29, which left her paralyzed on the left side.

After a two-month stay in the hospital where she had two brain surgeries, she returned home.

More challenges faced Lori and her husband lost his job in the aviation industry due to the effects of 9/11 and a cross-country move was necessary while Lori was still in a wheelchair.

She also developed epilepsy from the stroke and lost more independence.

God Always Has Plans For Us

Seven years later Lori and her husband were able to adopt three siblings, two of them with mental illnesses. 

Lori's interview was both inspiring and challenging. You will love hearing her story.

Life Rarely Turns Out Exactly as You Pictured it:
We All Face Challenges Along the Way

God always has a plan.
But He leaves it up to you whether you follow His plan or not

Life is about CHOICES.

Lori Vober chose to depend on God's faithfulness through all life's challenges

  • Everyone has doubts about their own abilities, but God has a plan
  • Believe in Him - Don't give up
  • Your attitude, drive, and enthusiasm can take you further than your talents
  • Find happiness in who God says you are
  • Do not allow someone else to define your happiness

Connect With Lori

Lori Vober

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