Perfected Forever - A Prayer Of Thanksgiving

perfected forever

If you are plagued with the unending struggle of feeling you are not doing enough for God, or that you are not good enough to receive His blessings, how do you get out of that mode of thinking?

The simple answer is in Hebrews 10:12. "But this man, after he had offered one sacrifice for sins, forever sat down at the right hand of God. For by one offering, he has perfected forever, those who are being sanctified."

Did you grasp that truth? This is the perfect answer for anyone who has grappled with doubting their position in Christ.

You Are Blessed

you are blessed

Perhaps you wonder why others around you are being blessed and you are not. You may assume it is because you have sin in your life, or you are not a ‘good-enough’ Christian.

You need not be concerned that your sins or your imperfections keep you from being blessed by God.

God does not take pleasure in taking things away from you – He takes pleasure in giving things to you.

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Blessed be the Lord, who daily loaded us with benefits, even the God of our salvation” Psalm 68:19.

Try this exercise with any target verses that the Lord has given to you including this Psalm. Write them down and read them aloud every day. Meditate on them. Thank God for them in your prayers. 

Let your prayer be, “Heavenly Father, I have been struggling. But Your Word says that Jesus after He had offered one sacrifice for my sins sat down at the right hand of God. I thank you, God, that I am perfected forever because of what Christ has done for me. It is not of my works, but by Your grace.”

As you read the Word aloud and pray it back as a prayer of thanksgiving to your Heavenly Father, you are hearing the Word, speaking the Word, and thanking God for His Word.

Remember: God honors two things – His Word and your faith.

Pray The Word, Pray The Answer

pray the word

As you pray the Word, you are praying the answer. God’s Word is yes and amen. He cannot lie. When you pray this way, it removes the stress and anxiety over wondering if you are good enough or if God hears your prayers.

When you pray the Word, you are praying God’s will. Focus on what He has done – not on what you have done. Then you can be free of condemnation, guilt, anxiety, sickness, and…..

Understand deeply that you are forgiven. God paid the price ONCE and for all. You cannot add to that. It is a finished work.

God’s righteousness in you gives you right standing with Him. His righteousness dwells within your spirit.

It is not what we do or do not do – it is what God has DONE for us. Our prayer easily turns into praise and thanksgiving when we get the understanding of that into our spirit. 

We Have Been Set Free From Sin

set free

We have been set free from sin by what God did for us. We are forgiven. Our sins are as far as the east is from the west – never to be remembered by God.

When we hear that nagging voice that tells us we are not righteous or good enough to be blessed, it is not coming from God. It is not coming from our spirit – it is coming from the pit, and it is a lie; a ploy the enemy is master at using against us.

It is not for us to do, do, do, but to realize what God has done, done, done. We are completely forgiven. We are set free from that sin. This is because God has promised that to us. His name covers us. His blood covers us. His Word covers us. 

Romans 8:1 tells us we are free from guilt and condemnation, because of Jesus finished work. Yet, many Christians who claim to believe God’s Word keep taking back the sin, the guilt, and the shame. They are listening to what the enemy wants them to hear instead of what the Word tells them.

I remember singing this song in our church when I was a little girl. “Is He satisfied with me? Have I done my best? Have I stood the test? Is He satisfied with me?"

I also remember the guilt that came over me when I sang that song. I knew I had not done my best. I knew I did not stand the test. And I was convinced that God was not satisfied with me. In light of what we now know to be true under the New Covenant, although we will never do enough, or be good enough, God is pleased with us because when He looks at us, He sees us through His Son.

We Are Perfected Forever

perfected forever

We are forever perfected in His sight by Jesus’ finished work at the cross. You will never be perfected by what you do – you are perfected because of what Jesus did. Forever.

"But this man, after he had offered one sacrifice for sins, forever sat down at the right hand of God. For by one offering, he has perfected forever, those who are being sanctified" Hebrews 10:12.

This is yet another reference to God’s finished work. Under the old covenant, the priest who served in the tabernacle of Moses never sat down. He stood ministering daily because his work could never be finished. In fact, in the holy place of the tabernacle of Moses, there was not a single piece of furniture for the priest to sit on. 

But when Christ paid the price for us, He sat down. It was finished. Done

When God looks at you, he sees you are forever perfect, spotless, and washed whiter than snow by the precious blood of His Son. It is permanent. We cannot add to it.

Your job is to believe it. Get it deep into your innermost being – your spirit. Let it flow from your spirit to your natural man with the assurance you are indeed a new creature in Christ.

This is the only way to be victorious in your Christian walk. You are victorious over sin, sickness, addictions, or any negativity the enemy tries to throw at you

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