Embracing Self Discovery And Accepting Challenges

embracing challenges

Fatima Oliver is a wife, mother of four boys, an author, and an extreme lover of chocolate. The loss of her first child was the epitome of heartbreak

She felt like a tremendous failure to her husband and as a woman. When her marriage ended, she felt bamboozled as though life was one big joke at her expense. Have you ever felt that way?

Both tragedies taught Fatima how unfair life can be but also exposed an opportunity for faith to carry her

Embracing Challenges

embracing challenges

Fatima has embraced self-discovery and acceptance by challenging insecurity, anxiety, and depression from childhood trauma, heartbreak, and physical abuse

The result brought tremendous breakthroughs in her life and helped cultivate baby steps she shares with others.

  • We are not meant to do life alone. Everyone needs a safe place to fall.
  • It is critical to change a victim mentality to a victory mindset - here is how
  • Accepting hard truths is essential
  • Releasing people from great expectations is a path to forgiveness
  • During Fatima's interview, she will give you the key steps for your soul healing journey and give you the strength to continue:

A Safe Place

Fatima is offering a bonus for anyone listening to this interview - a 20-minute "Safe Place” session, where you can share what is on your heart, uninterrupted. 

There is great power in being heard and what is shared stays in this safe space. 

Click here to learn more about her consultation services

Prescription Is In The Dirt

prescription in the dirt

The Prescription is in the Dirt is a bold, funny, illuminating, and sometimes hard-to-swallow inspirational memoir, which embraces the journey to self-love and acceptance. It served as an extension of freedom and therapy while writing it and is now used to lift the voices of those considering their soul journey.

Speaking the truth in love is not just powerful when it is towards others. It is even more impactful when it is used for self-reflection. Waiting on loved ones to grow, was wasting time I could be using to mature myself

I needed to start participating in the change that was happening in my life instead of reacting to it all the time. This meant releasing unrealistic expectations for people to live up to and accepting them right where they are.

This peacefully detached me from any future scenarios that did not respect my growth.

"For years I believed love meant suffering from someone unconditionally. Love is long-suffering but it is also gentle - not a host of emotional and mental torment. But hurt people hurt people

This truth does not lose its value based on who is dishing out the offense. This is why some people should be loved from across the street. I am thankful for the route I had to take to learn these life lessons. Trudging through discomfort and down-right tragedies helped me to find my identity. 

My pain exposed God’s grace. My fears exposed His protection. And the rejection I encountered by those I loved the most, revealed his undying love for me. Our behavior reflects our freedom. For most of my life, I was waiting for someone to come and do for me what I was unwilling to do for myself."

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fatima oliver

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