Greater Is He That Is In You

greater is he

You may have heard 1 John 4:4 quoted often: “Greater is He that is in you than He that is in the world?” 1 John 4:4 We quote it, and we pray it as a prayer of thanksgiving, but do we honestly believe it?

We often use this verse when we are in a frightful situation as a band-aid against fear. But this is not a quick-fix verse – it is a lifestyle. 

Knowing who you are in Christ and the authority that is yours because of what He has done for you, assures you that you have nothing to fear – ever. This, of course, includes any attack that you think the enemy may throw at you. 

BOTTOM LINE: God does not lose.  Therefore, you do not have to lose. The battle is over. You can stop fighting because the battle has already been fought and won. 

When we refer to the spiritual warfare we find ourselves in, we are playing directly into the enemy’s arena of fear. This is where he desires you to remain. If you believe you are fighting the battle, you will remain in the battle. 

The fact is that you already have the authority you need against the enemy. It has been given to you by Jesus Christ. Get that message deep into your spirit as the Rhema Word of God is spoken directly to your heart from the mouth of God’s written Word.

No weapon formed against you shall prosper, and every tongue which rises against you in judgment you shall condemn” Isaiah 54:17. 

Greater Is He

greater is he

The enemy has been stripped of any authority he thinks he has over you as soon as you understand who you are in Christ. You have it because of the Holy Spirit who is living inside of you. 

Jesus is greater than anything that would attempt to come against you. He is greater than depression. He is greater than loss. He is greater than anxiety. He is greater than fear. 

Greater is He who is in you than all the negative thoughts the enemy can throw at you. Greater is He who is in you than the feelings of guilt and inadequacy. Greater is He who is in you than every accusation that is leveled against you. 

When Christians say that they are fighting a battle and ask for prayer to get through their spiritual battle, my first question is always the same “Why?” If they believe that God has given them the authority, and the right, and that the Greater One dwells and lives in them, and believe what the Bible tells them, then they will know without any doubt that the battle is not theirs, it is God's, and it is finished. 

Why do people ask for prayer warriors to assist them in the battle? The only time to ask for prayer warriors is to praise God for His Word, His Name, and His Blood that makes you victorious. 

The battle was won over 2,000 years ago. The time is to rejoice and thank God for what He did for you. It has nothing to do with you or how much you pray about it. God did it for you and it is a finished work. 

Greater Is He That Is In You

greater is he

In this life, we will experience challenges and attempts against us from the enemy. How we deal with them is what makes the difference. We speak the Word against them and thank God He keeps His promises. 

The battle is won, and the victor lives in us. He is greater than the one who dwells in the world. Stand strong on that. Declare it as fact. This removes any fear. This removes any doubt or question.

Never wonder if you have done enough because you never will. You cannot merit what God gives as a gift. You will never be good enough to be a recipient of His unending grace. 

Next time someone tells you that they are in a spiritual battle, ask them why and explain that the battle is won and they need to rejoice in that. The enemy CAN NOT dwell in the praises of God’s people.

Stop wondering if God will protect you and stand on the promises that tell you that He will. Stop concerning yourself with whether God loves you and start praising Him that His Word tells you He does.

This is God's promise to you. And when you get that into your heart, and you speak it out with your mouth, there is no battle. The battle is won. 

Establish yourself in the truth that this is part of your inheritance.

This is God’s promise to you – no weapon formed against you shall prosper. Not because you are good or do good works but because of your standing in Christ who is perfect. 

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