The LEAST Complicated Nutritional Strategy

nutritional strategy

The Million Dollar Body Method Will Be The Last “Diet” You Ever Need. You may be thinking this is just one more expert talking about weight loss. You are in for a major surprise!

Nate helps people get into the best shape of their lives using simple training & nutrition frameworks and without tracking a single calorie.

Nate Palmer is a fitness and nutrition expert, coach, speaker, and writer who believes that being in incredible shape gives a massive advantage in business, focus, and relationships. He will inspire you to make easy changes in your life that will make a huge difference.

Nate Palmer is a dad, husband, and the number one bestselling author of The Million Dollar Body Method and Passport Fitness.

During his interview you will learn:

  • Why breakfast is TRULY the most important meal of the day, and how it can improve your performance across the board
  • What three pieces are INTEGRAL in a morning routine if you want high performance
  • Calories aren’t just calories, they are communication
  • Mindset and changing your state with the words you use
  • Building a nutrition framework by doing a diet
  • Why being Insulin resistant is killing you slowly.
  • What is "performance eating" and why is it critical for entrepreneurs?
  • How do you know if you need a detox from sugar?
  • What's the secret weapon for fat loss?

Weight Loss And Nutritional Strategy

million dollar system

Have you ever wondered why some people seem to be able to do it all - tons of energy, great relationships, flourishing business, while having a body to match?


They eat the right things. At the right times.

It's not a secret.

In fact, it's probably the least complicated nutritional strategy on the planet.

But why have you never heard of the Million Dollar Body Method and Glycogen Priming before?

The answer is that the people who use this style of eating for years with amazing success don't even think of it as a diet -- just as "normal eating." 

In his tell-all book, Nate Palmer takes on the fitness industry's absurd standards and impossible "diets" and puts them to bed with a simple-to-follow 28-day program that will completely reshape your body, your energy, and your relationship with food...forever.

You will learn:

  • Exactly How to Lean Down to 10-15% Body Fat with EASE
  • The Perfect Training Routine to Burn Fat on the Lower Abs and Love Handles
  • How to Feel Like You Have Superhuman Focus All Day
  • The Most Enjoyable & Satisfying Diet to get lean & Still Enjoy Life
  • How to Maintain Your Physical Results 24/7 and 365 Days a Year
  • The Joy of Building a Body and Mental Focus that will Keep You Lean for Life

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