Into the Exhilarating Light Of Healing And Transformation

healing and transformation

Finally diagnosed with Multiple Personality Disorder after a lifetime of mystery about who she was and why she was suffering, Irene McKain's memoir follows her path from the frightening abuse of her childhood to the exhilarating light of healing and transformation.

Irene had 15 different personalities.

Each one is distinct and separate from another. This is not a subject we hear much about, but to those who have lived through the pain of not knowing who they is very real!

Interview With Irene

healing and transformation

Through the publication of I Was More Than One, Irene shares the fact that mental illness is indeed an illness, not some crazy condition. It is treatable, and people who suffer from it can lead normal lives. Her book is raw, honest, and a beautiful account of hurt turned into healing.

Irene's interview will answer your questions surrounding multiple personalities. 

"I Was More Than One"

I Was More Than One follows Irene’s path from the frightening abuse of her childhood to the exhilarating light of her healing and transformation.

Through most of her life, Irene had experienced strange and unexplainable episodes of which she knew the results but not what had transpired. She had suffered from anxiety and was suicidal when she was finally hospitalized.

But being diagnosed was only the beginning.

i was more than one

When she was released to try to lead a normal life she faced her greatest challenge. In her own words: “I was living in the real world without the care and protection of hospitalization, and the people around me couldn’t understand the apparent mood swings they observed. One of my employers said that some days I accomplished more in one day than most folks could accomplish in a week.

Other days I seemed to spend hours daydreaming. I had only recently learned the truth about myself and wanted to explain why this was happening, but I thought I would immediately be without a job due to a mental disability. The stress of coping with this situation made me very depressed at times, and I would entertain thoughts of suicide.”

BUT....she not only survived but is thriving. 

There is hope.....there is always hope – no matter how dire the situation

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