Sgt.Q: Healing Through Service

healing through service

After eight years of military service, Sgt. Q suffered from depression, anger, and panic attacks and was diagnosed with PTSD. He nearly ended his own life in the parking lot of a church.

Aaron Quinonez (Sgt. Q) endured a rough upbringing before becoming a proud Marine. He was trained to fight the enemy and was prepared for war.  When he volunteered for a combat tour in Iraq, ne did not realize his real battle would be fought in his mind.

Aaron is a Marine 1st Anglico veteran who specialized in communication as a forward observer. He holds billets for Naval Weapons Security Management and Close Combat Instructor. He received badges for expert marksmanship and master parachutist.

Healing Through Service

Sgt. Q is an award-winning author of Healing Through Service originally aimed at struggling veterans, which also offers help for anyone in crisis and may be your ticket to a more fulfilled life. 

From homeless and on the brink of suicide to founding a multi-million dollar company with over 100 employees, Reliable Commercial Cleaning and founder of the veteran non-profit Q Missions. He received the 2016 Distinguished Service to Veterans award from the Department of Veterans Affairs and awarded the 2017 Hometown Hero award from Kiro7 News.

Sgt. Q traded the battlefield to help others by building homes and churches, feeding children, and supplying precious hope to struggling communities worldwide.

QMissions was born as a pathway for veterans, Sgt. Q's fellow warfighters, to replace the battle scars of their minds with the joy of serving others. 

In Sgt. Q's interview, he strives to help anyone to recover from PTSD by highlighting scientifically proven methods. He shares how to break the stigma of mental health issues.

Healing Through Service: A True Story

Healing Through Service is a guidebook on overcoming Post-Traumatic Stress Disorder (PTSD). The book is characterized by insights, reflections, and strategies for overcoming PTSD which he describes as rampant among veterans. 

Having served in combat missions, Sgt. Q narrates his experiences related to the scars of war that haunt veterans long after their service.

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