Do You Know Who You Are?

do you know who you are

Do you know who you are? When you look at yourself, who do you see? Do you see someone who is struggling with sin, addictions, or self-destructive bondages? Or do you see someone who is living life as a victor?

For you are His workmanship, created in Christ Jesus for good works, which God prepared beforehand, that we should walk in them” Ephesians 2:10.

One of the enemy’s jobs is to be sure you do not identify as a winner – a victor. If he can keep you thinking negative thoughts about yourself, he wins. When we use scripture to understand who we are in Christ and pray those scriptures as a prayer of thanksgiving, we win.

Does that sound too simple? The Bible tells us that the power of life and death is in the power of the tongue, and we can choose if we speak life or death unto ourselves

The Word of God speaks life and is one of our greatest tools. In this PDF there are scriptures to inject into your prayer time – opening your eyes to who you are and how God sees you.

When we look at ourselves as failures, it is often a case of mistaken identity. That is NOT how God sees us or how He wants us to see ourselves.

An Abundant Life

an abundant life

Jesus did not say that he came to give us sorrow, remorse, guilt, self-condemnation, or struggles. He came to give us abundant life. We cannot realize the impact God’s Word has on our lives until we begin to believe what His Word tells us. 

Simply begin by taking one or two scriptures that show you who you are because of what Christ has done for you and what He promises you. 

Repeat these verses in your prayer life by making them a prayer of praise and thanksgiving. Then prepare to see tremendous changes in your life. It will affect your mindset and cause you to realize that you are victorious – not someone who is struggling. Read the Word, believe the Word, and pray the Word.

A perfect illustration to show you this truth is the story of a businessman in New York City who was boarding a subway when he noticed a beggar with a cup of pencils in his hands. The businessman dropped money into the beggar's cup and proceeded to the train. 

Just before the train left the station, the businessman jumped back onto the platform and grabbed several pencils from the beggar’s cup. He told the beggar, “You are a businessman, just like me. I am taking what I paid for. Thank you and have a wonderful day.”

The businessman never thought twice about that day until a year later when a well-dressed salesman approached him at a local social event. “You probably don’t remember me,” he told the businessman, “but I will never forget you. You are the man who gave me back my self-respect. I was a beggar selling pencils until you told me I was a businessman.

The businessman gave the beggar a renewed sense of identity by recognizing who the beggar was – a salesman. This created a renewed sense of worth and importance in the beggar and he walked away from the lie that he was merely a beggar and now believed he had value.

Heirs To All Blessings

what is grace

We can see ourselves as beggars when we continually ask God to restore, heal, and bless us. The Bible has made it exquisitely clear who we are – we are heirs to all the blessings of Abraham

You are a child of the Almighty God and entitled to all the blessings of Abraham. How you choose to live your life is your choice. What you believe is your choice. But do those choices line up with what scripture tells you who you are? 

If you see yourself as a loser or a victim, then that is where you will stay. But that is not how God sees you. He sees you as His righteous child, free from guilt and bondage. Christ paid the price, so we do not have to. 

can our spirit be corrupted

When Paul talked about this, he did not point people back to the law of Moses but he reminded them who they are because of what Christ has done. He has freed you from the bondage of sin, guilt, and condemnation. 

The apostle Paul showed the Corinthian church they had fallen into sin, but he did not point them back to the law of Moses. He merely reminded them of who they were because of Christ. “For He made Him who knew no sin to be sin for us, that we might become the righteousness of God in Him” 2 Corinthians 5:21.

Familiarize yourself with the verses that show you who you are because of what Christ has done for you. 

Paul knew that if they were reminded of their righteous identity in Christ, they would repent. They would return to the message of grace and away from their sin. He pointed them to their identity in Christ

Sometimes we must be reminded of who we are and what we have because of what Christ did for us. A new perspective will change our lives forever and we can enjoy the abundant life He promised.

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