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On the fast track to startup success, a car speeding through a crosswalk jeopardized everything she’d built in a split second.

Constantly battling life-altering trauma, PTSD, a traumatic brain injury, and the cutthroat fashion industry, Just Bones Boardwear founder Jennifer Berk Weisman refused to let the accident define her and steal her identity. She had to do more than reinvent the boardshort. She had to reinvent herself.

Jennifer Berk Weisman is the owner of Just Bones Boardwear, a swim apparel company featuring her patented adjustable waist design. She never set out to build a fashion empire. But Jennifer realized there was a void in the market for boys' boardshorts during a frustrating shopping excursion.

A creative problem solver, she designed innovative boardshorts that offered the “perfect fit” for boys in-between sizes and didn’t fit traditional fixed-waist boardshorts. Soon after, the brand expanded to include swimwear for toddlers, men, and women.

Interview With Jennifer


A standout in the swimwear industry, Just Bones Boardwear’s technology won Jennifer two patents and TasteTV’s Best Swimwear of 2016 Award for special functionality. Just Bones Boardwear has been featured in ELLE, InStyle, Vogue, and Fashion Week Online, as well as other major press. 

 Jennifer’s boardshorts were worn throughout Ghost Shark, an original SyFy movie that premiered in 2013 during Shark Week.

Jennifer was a frustrated mom shopping for swimwear every year for her two sons who were lanky and didn’t fit traditional boardshorts or swim volley shorts. She knew there had to be a better way to make more comfortable fitting swimwear for boys who needed an adjustable waist – not one size fits all at that growing age.

During her interview, she shares her incredible story of survival against terrible circumstances. Then she shows you how your idea can be a million-dollar one :

Powerful Story Of Hope And Recovery

On her journey from stay-at-home mom to an innovative entrepreneur surviving unexpected adversity, Jennifer conquered every obstacle with a fierce determination to succeed.

More than fluff, fabric, and fashion, Sink or Swimwear shares the powerful true story of recovery, hope, and resilience that will inspire you to channel your inner strength to overcome trauma or chase your entrepreneurial dreams. 

powerful story of hope

A powerful true story of recovery, hope, and resilience, Sink or Swimwear will inspire you to channel your inner strength to overcome trauma or chase your entrepreneurial dreams.


  • How unexpected events can spark million-dollar ideas.

  • Complications in the apparel business: trademark battles, wire fraud, and production pitfalls.

  • A tell-all of photo shoots, fashion shows, and industry parties.

  • Coping strategies after a traumatic brain injury.

  • Dealing with PTSD triggers and symptoms. 

More than fluff and fashion, this memoir will empower you with a fierce determination to succeed so you can reach for the stars, even when facing the greatest adversity.

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