A Miraculous Survival Against All Odds

miraculous survival

In May 2008 John Helton was a newlywed of three and a half months and he got very ill unexpectedly. He was diagnosed with three brain diseases at one time and no immunity. 

Those diseases were:

1.     Cerebral Histoplasmosis

2.     Encephalitis (the brain swelling)

3.     Meningitis (the lining of the brain swelling)

Although John miraculously survived, he lost most of his vision and is now legally blind. Then... a few years later, the unbelievable happened.

Miraculous Survival - Inspiring True Story

miraculous survival

John Helton is an author, Certified Relationship Coach, Certified Professional Coach, Certified Bereavement Coach, Certified Relationship Master Coach, and by April will be a Certified Master Coach, Certified Group Coach, and Certified Laser Coach, talk show host, and speaker. 

What could have drowned some people in a sea of pity, John has used that pain to be an encouragement to others.  

John is a National Champion Blind Bowler and won the scratch singles national title in Phoenix, Arizona in 2017, just after his wife passed away.

His interview will challenge and inspire you in various ways.

Be Encouraged! Be Challenged! And have a laugh as you look at your own life through new eyes.

True Story Of Miraculous Survival

From having vision to becoming legally blind, from being married to becoming a widower, this is the story of John, AKA The Blind Fury.

This book will encourage you, challenge you, make you laugh, and might even make you cry. Regardless, it is a challenge for all to “Stop Your Whining” and look at life from a different perspective. 

miraculous survival

Do NOT buy this book if: 

1) You do not like to be challenged.

2) You do not like your toes stepped on.

3) You do not like to laugh! 

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