Motivational Check: Inspiring Story Of Terry Tucker

motivational check

Terry Tucker is an author, a motivational speaker, and an encourager. His blog, Motivational Check, gives daily posts of inspiration. Currently, we need everyone available to us. 

Terry is a perfect example of someone who will meet a challenge head-on and maintain a positive and inspiring attitude.  In his words:

"Suffering can be one of life's greatest teachers."

A Motivational Check

motivational check with terry tucker

 "My 8 year battle against a rare form of melanoma that presented on the bottom of my left foot reappeared in 2017 causing the amputation of most of my left foot in 2018. Cancer reemerged in 2019 causing two additional surgeries and recently my surgeon told me I most likely would not be here in 36 months."

He has fought and won the battle over cancer more than once. After the amputation of his left foot, he remained hopeful and positive. He REFUSES to see himself as a victim. As a result, he has been successful in every area of his life.

Winners think about what they want to happen......

Losers think about what they don't want to happen!

Terry's interview will inspire you to "be the person you are looking for."   Do you think about your fears or your insecurities instead of using your mind?  This is a MUST LISTEN.

Lead An Uncommon Life

lead an uncommon life

Terry Tucker believes everyone is born to lead an uncommon and extraordinary life and that has nothing to do with where you work, how much money you make, or where you live. We are not all born with the same gifts and talents, but we all can become the best person we are capable of becoming. But how do you achieve this remarkable life in an age where everyone seems to just get by?

Terry's book is a MUST READ for anyone who desires to achieve and maintain excellence in their life

sustainable excellence

In this book, Terry answers the three basic questions that will lead you to your best life. "What is excellence, how do you achieve it, and most importantly, how do you sustain it?"

The ten principles outlined in this book will provide you with the bedrock necessary to form the foundation of unshakeable beliefs and dedicated behaviors that will guide you to your uncommon and extraordinary life.

These principles will reinforce your attitude, no matter how much pain you must endure or how many obstacles you must overcome to achieve and maintain excellence. Do you have what it takes to apply these principles to lead your uncommon and extraordinary life?

Live Your Life, Don't Just Exist

Everyone needs a word of encouragement at some point in their lives.  

Terry Tucker has a word to encourage you every day. I find them uplifting and thought-provoking.  

Connect with him on his blog for daily inspiration.

Connect With Terry Tucker

Visit his website, Motivational Check, for more details.


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