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never give up

Almost eight years ago, Tonya Eberhart’s 20-year marriage ended, and she left behind two businesses. However, she walked out the door with her first BrandFace book in her hand and a newly founded business of the same name

She had one client

This brought a tremendous amount of stress and pressure but when your dream is strong enough, you push through the pressure.

Tonya Eberhart is an international bestselling author, host of the BeBoldBranding Podcast, and founder of BrandFace, a branding firm that helps podcasters, authors, coaches, speakers, and solopreneurs in four countries and 43 US states to stand out and become an authority in their market through the power of personal branding. 

Tonya's humble career began while selling vacuum cleaners door-to-door to pay her way through college. While listening to local radio advertising, she realized the power that personal branding has on a business and it led to a job in radio.. 

Never Give Up

never give up

Almost two decades and many successful brands later, she founded BrandFace, a personal branding firm comprising a book series, speaking series, and a personal branding program designed to help business owners and entrepreneurs differentiate themselves.

Tonya and Michael are partners in BrandFace, the only comprehensive personal brand-building system across the globe. Their mantra is, "People don't do business with a logo. They do business with a person." 

They help speakers, podcasters, authors, coaches, real estate agents, solopreneurs, and business owners to STAND OUT from their competition and attract their ideal customers so they can become recognized and sought-after authorities.

In her interview she will share how you can unveil your inner star for massive recognition and riches using their 3-D Formula:

People Don't Do Business With A Logo...

People do not do business with a logo. They do business with a person. Marketing yourself as an entrepreneur and the face of your business has become more complex. Innovative marketing tools and platforms are being introduced almost daily. 

To break through the clutter and noise, you must define your point of differentiation and learn to develop and display your unique personal brand in a powerful, memorable way. 

In this book, you will learn many of the principles and tactics Tonya has used to position and market her clients for success, such as: 

How to Become a Recognized Authority in Your Industry…even if no one knows who you are right now

How to Develop an Attractor Factor That Naturally Appeals to Your Ideal Customers…so you can work smarter, not harder

How to Stop the Cycle of Poor Prospecting and Become a Sought- After Expert…without the arrogance that can turn prospects away

How to Use Today’s Marketing Tools Differently…and avoid the same vanilla marketing tactics your competitors are using

How to Set Yourself Up for Long Term Success…regardless of the difficulties of your industry.

The Raising Of A Rebel

The Raising of a Rebel is a heart-wrenching and heartwarming story of a young man who grew up as a product of the moonshine industry in the mountains of North Georgia. His daddy was a moonshiner, and his mama helped in the business, as well. They were both alcoholics. 

Follow his journey through a tumultuous childhood, high school basketball stardom, the choice that changed it all...and the man it sculpted along the way. 

You will learn about the one person who shaped his morals and provided him with "10 years of wisdom for every 10 minutes they spent together." 

You will feel his disappointment, give voice to his rage, and raise your hands to his victories. You will cringe, laugh heartily, and shed more than a few tears throughout. And there is a good chance you will find a little bit of yourself in his story.

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never give up

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