Surviving Trauma And Coping With Chaos

surviving trauma

Over the course of 40 days, Darlene Larson lost her starring roles in life - Daughter. Wife. Mom. Homeowner. 

It happened that fast when she shared her story of abuse. doesn't end there. Her tale of surviving from trauma and how it can help you is one of joy and encouragement.

Darlene's upbringing was safe and secure on the family farm. Here is where she learned how to survive the trauma that was ahead of her - 18 years in an abusive marriage.

Darlene Larson - Surviving Trauma

survival from trauma

Darlene Larson is a Professional Certified Life Purpose Coach, Recovery Coach, and Grief-loss Coach. Her passion is coaching women stuck in toxicity who are harried and hurting by guiding them to freedom when they discover their life purpose.

As founder of Hearts with a Purpose and a BA degree in teaching, she helps women around the world in two-day strategic Lifeplans

 In her interview, Darlene shares how she coped with the chaos, emotional pain, criticism, and anger when she exposed her abuser. How fear and anxiety were trying to control her life and then something happened that brought a HUGE change in her life.

Moving Forward After Surviving Trauma

enable me lord

Are you stuck in life?

Are the lies, I am not good enough, I should, I could, 

I ought to and I cannot, stop you?

Do you want to go forward?

Author, Life Purpose Coach ®, Darlene Larson knows how lies defeat a woman. Her lies stuck to her like sticky notes.The Enable Me, Lord, to Shift devotional series is based on how Larson did life for over two decades in a toxic environment she could not control. 

In this series, Darlene Larson shares:• one verse a day• an inspirational story from a woman’s life• three coaching questions• teaches the reader how to apply the verse.• a BIG picture assessment• a Mental Domain Report Card.

Connect With Darlene

surviving trauma

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