The Word Of God On Our Lips

word of god

The second weapon of mass destruction we have is the Word of God. His Word, on our lips, controls the enemy. When Jesus was tempted in the wilderness, did He beg God to help Him? Did He try to negotiate with the enemy? 

NO! He used scripture each time to defeat the enemy.

The Word of God, on our lips, controls the enemy.

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Did you grasp the power of that statement? The Word of God, on our lips, controls the enemy. Stop speaking defeat to yourself by recognizing the negatives in your life and giving Satan credit for it.

Yes, you heard me correctly. When we confess with our mouth that the enemy has been working against us or when we define the battle we are having because of what he has thrown in our path, we are giving Satan the recognition he desperately wants. He regards it as praise and is thankful you see what he is doing in our lives.

The Word Of God Is On Our Lips

word of god on our lips

But when the Word of God is on our lips and we are praising God that we are victors because of what Christ did on the cross, that enemy flees. He can’t stand to be in the presence of praise to our Heavenly Father.

What happened when Jesus was being tempted by Satan? Did He argue with him? Did he try to reason with him? Did he cast him out? Jesus used one weapon. And that was the Word. 

But, don't kid yourself, the enemy probably knows the Word better than most of us. And he uses the Word to try to twist it. But Jesus knew the Word better. And He stuck with what the Word said. He didn't twist it. He didn't change it. He confirmed it. When we realize the power Jesus gave us to use the Word of God against any situation that we may be in, we will be victors, instead of victims. 

What Happens When You Pray The Word

luke 1:45

I have heard many people say, “Well, I prayed the Word, I believed the Word, but nothing happened.” 

My question to them is, “So why did you stop?”

If you truly believe that God has given you His Word and all the authority behind it, then you will understand that the timing is in God’s hands – not yours.

"Blessed is she who believed, for there will be a fulfillment of those things which were told her from the Lord." Luke 1:45 

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God gave me His promise from Luke 1:45 for my healing from uterine cancer. I refused to allow doubt or fear or circumstances or a timeline to interfere with that promise. I saw the fulfillment of that promise 14 years later when I had given birth to our daughter. I did not stop praying that scripture every day – many times a day. I thanked God for His promise

I thanked Him that His timing was perfect.

Many years later, I am continuing to see how God’s timing was flawless. Yes, it was difficult to wait for years but I kept my focus on the promise instead of the problem. My focus never changed and I saw the fulfillment of that promise. And I understand it more all the time. 

Understanding The Word Of God

understand the word of god

We must grasp that Word, that promise, in our spirit. Head knowledge of the scriptures (the Logos or written Word) is not the Rhema Word. The Rhema Word is spoken to our hearts from the mouth of God. There is a quickening in our spirit when we get that word from God. The scripture comes alive. We know that we know that we know that God has spoken His Word to our heart and we can bank on it. 

The Rhema Word comes alive in us. It removes all doubt. It excites us. We can almost taste it – it is so tangible.


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When we are begging God and hoping, and wishing, and wondering, that is not standing on the living, spoken Word of God to our hearts. And doubt and fear can rob us of that promise. 

But Jesus understood the authority behind the spoken Word of God. He spoke it out with confidence knowing in His Spirit that God would fulfill what He promised. That is the Rhema Word. 

When that scripture is in our spirit and we stand firm on it with all the authority of God behind it, we will realize that we are in the arena of faith. We will see Satan as the defeated victim.

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