Detoxify The Body For Better Health

detoxify the body

This was one determined woman who was not going to allow her 96-year-old husband to die prematurely. 

A client of mine asked me to share this incredible story and give hope to others when the doctor says there is no hope. She is 84 and her husband is 96. She has been encouraging him for years to use one of our products which remove heavy metal, including lead, out of the system.  

We ingest lead from the air we breathe, the water we drink, and the foods we eat.  She was never able to convince her husband that he needed to detoxify the body so he refused to use any herbal supplements.  Please remember, he is 96 – may be a bit set in his ways!

Why You Need To Detoxify The Body

why you need to detoxify the body

About a month ago, he was put in intensive care due to a plugged lower intestine.  He was fed intravenously and after three weeks he was getting sicker and weaker. 

The doctor said, “He is too old to survive surgery so be prepared as he won't last more than a few more days."She showed the doctor her bottle of "miracle lead remover" and asked him if she could give him some. He laughed and told her it was garbage. "Do you want to kill him?"

It has been said “LIFE and DEATH are determined in the Bowel”

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It was her turn to laugh "What difference would it make?" she asked. 

The doctor told her there was no way she could administer that garbage under his care.

REMEMBER... He is 96!

"Then I will take him home to die, which is my right!"  Spunky little lady.She took him home, got him comfortable, and crushed one of the herbal supplements for him to swallow.

Day Two:  She gave him two.

Day Three:  He asked for food and I won't tell you the obvious.

Day Eight:  He had dinner at the dining room table and then decided to help his wife move the furniture closer to the window where she wanted it. 

He had regained his strength and sense of humor. When she called to share this story with me, I asked her, “Did you tell the doctor what happened?”  

She told me that she marched into that medical center and said her piece.  Not to be repeated here.

Restoring Health

restoring the health

This is only one of the miracle stories of people who have restored their health by supplementation. But, the key is to use products that are NOT detrimental to your health. Products that have the life factor intact and are as close to nature as possible. 

 In previous posts, I have shown how many well-known brands do not pass tests for purity. Don't be fooled because you recognize the 'name' on the label. I cannot post those brands here, but you would be shocked at what some companies are packaging and calling "nutrition."

 I would love to help you by analyzing the supplements you are taking. You will not regret it. You have nothing to lose and good health to gain. 

The Best of Science + The Best of Nature = Best of Quality

 The cells of the body know nothing about advertising or price -- ONLY QUALITY! 

I see miracles EVERY.  SINGLE.  DAY.

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