Weapons Of Mass Destruction In The Bible

weapons of mass destruction

The first weapon in this series is the name of Jesus. When we understand our authority in Christ and the power of attorney He has given us to use His Name, we will approach prayer from a new position.  

Whatever we are praying for we have the right to use those scriptures which are God's will because God's will is His Word. 

Take that Word, express it with your mouth, get it deep into your heart and pray “Father, your Word says, I have the right to expect this because of what Jesus did for me. I have the right to use the name of Jesus in this situation and to come against anything the enemy would try to put on me.”

First Weapon Of Mass Destruction

first weapon of mass destruction

We have that right. The name of Jesus is above every other name. His name is above fear, it is above sickness, and it is above disease. It is above strife and it is above anxiety. 

It is above everything negative we could think of that we may come against in our life. 

We have the right to use the name of Jesus against those things that would try to destroy us and speak to it with that God-given authority. 

The name of Jesus is above every other name.

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“Fear, you have no right here. God has not given me the spirit of fear but of power and love and soundness of mind.” – 2Timothy 1:7 

Find the scripture, repeat the scripture, and get it into your heart. Then it becomes life in us, it is quickened in us, it becomes the Rhema Word, which is the Word of God spoken directly from His mouth to our spirit. 

And we can take that to the bank and cash it because we know that God is true to His Word. And He has given us the right to use his Name.

Second Weapon Of Mass Destruction

the word

The second weapon of mass destruction is the Word of God.

The Word itself is our authority. It will destroy the works of the enemy. The Word on our lips makes the enemy the victim-- not us. The Word is what Jesus used against the enemy. When he was tempted, he didn't bargain with him, He used the Word. 

The Word on our lips makes the enemy the victim-- not us.

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Third Weapon Of Mass Destruction

blood of jesus

The third weapon is the blood - the precious blood of Jesus. The blood of Jesus is the covering that gives us the authority to use the Name and the Word. 

These three weapons work together. Each one is powerful in itself, but we must understand our authority and use the weapons of mass destruction God has provided for us.

Christ shed His blood not just for our protection against sin when we received him into our heart, but also for our healing. 

We can pray, “I am protected because of the blood that Jesus shed, and when You took those stripes on your body for every major disease, 39 stripes, 39 major diseases it was for my healing, and not just my salvation.” 

The blood covers our salvation, our healing, and our deliverance. We can walk free because of that precious blood of Jesus.

Use The Weapons Of Mass Destruction To Fight The Enemy

weapons of mass destruction

According to Galatians 3:13 when Jesus shed His blood for us He reversed every part of the curse. This includes sickness, disease, poverty, lack, depression, strife, addiction, or bondage. These things have no right to any aspect of our life.

When we thank God for reversing the curse, for taking our sins, our sickness, and pray with the understanding that is a finished work, we will soar with the eagles. We will realize this is a completed work that Christ did for us.

Click the image below to learn more about who you are in Christ with Bible verses to meditate on.

who are you in christ

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