The Dark Side Of Spine Surgery (Uncovering The Truth!)

spine surgery

ATTENTION: Anyone with back issues in need of surgery MUST read this first

Dr. Ardavan Aslie is a board-certified spine surgeon who received his undergraduate education at the University of California, Berkeley, where he double majored in physiology and genetics. 

He earned his MD from New York Medical College and completed his residency at St. Vincent's Hospital in New York City while working with some of the world's most renowned scoliosis surgeons. He received his spine surgery fellowship training at Harvard University. 

In addition to his private practice, Dr. Aslie has been active in researching and developing cutting-edge treatments for osteoporotic and aging spines. 

A Shocking Revelation.

Dr. Aslie's new hard-hitting exposé CORPORATE SPINE: How Spinal Surgery Went Off Track and How We Put it Right reveals eye-opening new research into the surprisingly common practice of using pedicle screws in spine surgery and despite overwhelming evidence that they are practically useless and cause harm down the road.

Seeing the money, the funding, and the support to cover up this dirty secret made me question if this was right – but I knew I had to write a book about uncovering the truth.

Uncovering The Truth

spine surgery

Each year, an estimated half-million people will undergo spinal fusion surgery in the US alone. In most cases, surgeons will implant rods and screws into a patient’s fused vertebrae as part of the procedure. There’s just one (enormous) problem: according to the published medical literature, the screws provide little to no benefit for patients. They do, however, provide billions in profit for a handful of medical device companies.

In this meticulously researched and hard-hitting exposé, veteran California spine surgeon Ardavan Aslie, MD, sounds the alarm on this all too common but unproven standard of care. Despite overwhelming evidence that pedicle screws often do more harm than good, device manufacturers continue to push profits over patients. The failure of spine surgery to develop and utilize more effective surgical options has, sadly, led it to a dead end.

corporate spine

It doesn’t have to be this way. In Corporate Spine, Dr. Aslie explains how spinal surgery got to this low point, how patients can protect themselves, and how spinal surgery can get back on track to help, not hurt, the estimated 16 million Americans suffering from chronic back pain

Whether this describes you or someone you know, Corporate Spine offers an illuminating report from the frontlines that will both astound and empower.

About Dr. Aslie

Dr. Aslie has been quite active in research and development and holds multiple patents on a revolutionary new device and techniques for fixation of the osteoporotic and aging spine.

Visit his website and check out his YouTube channel to learn more.

spine surgery

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