Caring For A Transracial Family - Challenges And Rewards

transracial family

Children should feel unconditionally valued and accepted regardless of birth circumstance, race, or ability— Trisha Campbell and her family rose to this challenge and adopted five hungry orphans.

Trisha had three biological children but decided to ignore the stigma of white families adopting multi-racial children. 

Trisha K. Campbell is a mother, author, and advocate. After questioning her faith and volunteering in a third-world country, Trisha realized her true calling and God’s purpose for her life. A blended family with several special needs children came with many challenges.

Transracial Family

Life in a big, transracial family can be difficult, especially when many in society do not think white families should adopt kids of color. But when God is in the lead, every day is an adventure—never lonely, never boring.

During her interview, Trisha shares the pain, struggle, setbacks, and rewards of adopting and caring for a transracial family.

Caring For A Transracial Family

A family is created through love and God’s purpose, not color or ability. Get Eight Was Enough now for the inspiration and hope to answer the calling on your own parenting adventure, no matter what comes your way.

A heartfelt memoir of God’s grand design for her life purpose, Eight Was Enough chronicles a devoted Christian parent’s journey in trusting God with unwavering faith to create a divinely inspired, transracial family. 

eight was enough

Full of spiritual insight for parents on their own adoption or fostering adventure, this true story will guide you through the sometimes difficult but always rewarding and adventurous path of adding a child to your home—and your heart.

You will discover:

  • How to find your purpose in parenting, the saving love of God, and truth of the scripture.
  • Multilayered challenges faced by parents during the adoption and foster care process.
  • Encouraging guidance for the unique difficulties of raising a child with special needs.
  • Relatable, amusing anecdotes collected while raising eight kids—because they say and do the darnedest things and sometimes you just need a laugh!
  • Creative parenting advice to handle discipline, difficult topics, tantrums, chores, and more.

Trisha shares more of her experience, insights, and encouragement in her Facebook group, A Dose of Hope with Adopted and Special Needs Kids. Learn more at

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transracial family

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