I Saw My Guardian Angels - A True Story

guardian angels

I drove down a country road in my brand-new pickup truck on a bright sunny day. Not only was it great to drive a new vehicle, but I felt safer than I did when I drove my last clunker. 

Without warning, the steering wheel locked. I lost control and in a matter of seconds the truck was in the ditch and flipped over. I was knocked unconscious and thrown several feet from the vehicle. This was before mandatory seat belts and I wasn’t wearing one.

No one saw what happened. No traffic around. No homes anywhere. When I regained consciousness, I was on my back. 

As I opened my eyes, two angels stepped away from me. They waved and smiled. Then they disappeared.  

Did I see them? Am I dreaming? How did I get out of the ditch?” Although I asked the questions out loud, no one was there to hear me. 

Thank you, Jesus, for protecting me but why did you send angels?”

I recognized that still, small voice who responded, “I want you to realize that I will always protect you. I will never leave you nor forsake you. I give angels charge over you.”

Once again, God’s promise of protection was fulfilled. Psalms 46:10 tells us that God is our refuge and strength; a very present help in trouble. In prayer, always remember to thank God for His protection

I am convinced that there are multiple times when God sends His guardian angels to protect us, even if we are not aware of it. Someday we may know the extent of that promise.

When God Answers An Old Question

i had a lesson to learn

Years later, when Clayton was praying, God reminded him of a time when an angel had protected him from certain death. 

The summer Clayton turned 11, he helped his father close the summer cabin in preparation for winter. They needed to transport and store their Jeep at a friend’s farm for the season. 

Help me hook up this long chain to the front of the Jeep,” his dad instructed. “You can steer it while I pull it using my car.”

When they stopped for gas Clayton stepped into the store. He decided how much of his allowance to spend on candy. 

A voice said, “Spend it all. You won’t be able to spend any for a long time.” 

Clayton spun around to see where the voice came from but there was no one else in the store. 

The voice continued. “There is going to be a car accident but you are going to be okay.”

Fear gripped Clayton’s young heart and he knew he couldn’t say anything to his dad, who demanded his sons be tough. His dad would not be proud of him if he displayed notions of being a sissy. 

When he got back to the Jeep, he gathered all the pillows and blankets from the back seat and piled them next to him – just in case. He thought he could dive under them if there was an accident.

Clayton relaxed after several miles as everything seemed to go smoothly until his dad turned onto a gravel road. Up ahead, a grader leveled two ridges of piled-up gravel. To pass the grader, the jeep had to cross over the ridges.

God Protects Us

god protects us

Clayton tried his best to steer the Jeep over the two-foot-high ridges but the Jeep began to sway out of his control. The chain snapped. Clayton was thrown out of the driver’s window into a nearly eight-foot-deep ditch. The Jeep’s entire weight landed on top of him. 

His dad watched as that vehicle defied all laws of physics. When the Jeep landed on Clayton it should have rested there. Instead, it seemed to have been picked up and thrown. It bounced out of the ditch nearly ten feet into the air, over a four-foot fence, and landed in the field on all four wheels.

Dad ran towards Clayton who sat in the ditch. Several of his teeth had been knocked out but amazingly he had only suffered some scrapes and bruises; no broken bones.

They both walked toward the Jeep. As they grew closer, shock filled them as they observed the details. His father pointed toward the vehicle. “Clayton, this is odd. Look how large the dent is in the roof of the Jeep where it landed on top of you, he said, “it’s just not possible that your body could have made that large of an impression.”

Years later, during prayer, the Lord reminded Clayton of how He had protected him. “Your guardian angel laid on top of the Jeep and took the brunt of the impact.” Could that same angel have thrown the Jeep up into the air? 

There are many mysteries we will never understand until eternity. But we can share how God protected us during those experiences. They serve as a reminder and also a testimony of His promise from Psalms 91. 

God protects us as He promised in His Word in numerous references. We do not need to fear but trust Him for the shelter He provides. 

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